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Blog For the month of November, we are going to be blogging every day to talk about our experiences as private investigators Birmingham.

Specialised Fields

As mentioned many times through our blog, there are many aspects and specialised fields in being a private investigator. Blogvember is going to focus around the services we offer, and the areas we specialise in.


Some of the topics we expect to dive into are…

  • The life of a private investigator

  • Pro’s and Cons to being a Private Investigator

  • Task Specific Updates

  • Infidelity/Cheating Parter Investigations

  • Workplace Injury Investigations

  • Private Investigator Background Checks


We want to give our site visitors a real understanding of what we do, and what we have to offer. What better way to do it than publishing all the content right here on our blog.

Contact Us

As ever, if you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. Our services are delivered discreetly, professionally and at affordable rates.


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