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London Operations

Private investigator London

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Private investigators Birmingham. With that being said, we do often find ourselves operating in and around London on regular basis. Whether it be for infidelity investigations, insurance fraud or even fraudulent workplace injury claims, there are plenty of scenarios where we venture down to the nations capitol.

London private investigations come their own challenges unlike anywhere else in the U.K. The sheer nature of the place creates an environment which is both helpful and unhelpful to the operatives on the ground.


Surveillance operatives are heavily reliant on their vehicles. They allow us to keep with the subjects we are following, they provide cover from view and they also act as an office, kitchen, bathroom, bed… As everyone knows, driving in London is quite simply a nightmare. Traffic, parking, congestion zones, ULEZ (now expanded to the North Circular) and speed cameras all contribute to the daily chaos on the streets. It is often the case we make the decision to just ditch our vehicles and operate on foot. It cuts out all the hassle, but it does get cold and wet.

Blending In

When operating in Central London, blending in is simple. When you follow a subject down to London from Birmingham for example, the likely hood is the subject won’t be familiar with the place. This makes blending in even easier as people are generally focused on where they are going rather than what’s going on around them. Furthermore, in Central London it is very common to see people with cameras. This is a god send for us because we can film our subject without the worry of third party’s interfering. Everywhere else in the U.K we must be very discreet with filming, but in London it is much more relaxed.


London is very heavy on security for obvious reasons. It is not a major concern for private investigators, but we do have to take it into consideration. A security guard that is doing his or her job properly will approach us to find out what we are doing (and rightly so). However, we need to be prepared for it and have a plausible cover story to enable us to continue with our observations.

Public Transport

There is public transport all over Britain, but in London it is far more widely used. We need to remain flexible at all times as the subject can quite easily jump on a passing bus, underground or taxi. This brings us back to vehicles. We may need to dump our vehicles somewhere where we know we are going to get a parking ticket in order to stick with the subject (cars don’t fit in the underground).

London Underground

It is not necessary to be able to read a London Underground map blind folded. However, it is vital for a private investigator to understand how the tube works and have some understanding of various lines etc. Working in the underground comes with its own pro’s and cons. Having knowledge of what stations are going to be busy and at what times is very helpful as the carriage could be empty one minute (leaving the investigator exposed) and packed at the next stop (creating a loss of view onto the subject).


Conducting private investigations in London can be very difficult on occasions, but also very rewarding when things go to plan. Being confident behind the wheel and the ability to adapt to fast pace environmental changes are the keys to successful London operations which all comes with experience (as with any job).

For more information regarding the private investigations we offer, contact us on 01933778426, or email us at

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