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Minors create problems for private investigators, especially during surveillance operations. However, only trained and experienced surveillance operatives will know how to deal with them when they are involved, or associated to the subject.

School Holidays

First and foremost, when children are on school holidays, quite often the parents (subjects) take them away somewhere for a week or so. This means private investigators arrive on a surveillance job ready for a days work, only to sit there all day with absolutely no chance of getting a result. This is all dependant on the intelligence we receive prior to private investigations. If we are informed of a trip away, we can preempt and join the subject on holiday. But if the client is not aware of any trips away, then we are unlikely to obtain the evidence they need.

Filming Children

When filming a subject who is out and about with his or her child, sometimes filming the child is completely unavoidable. We do not stop filming if the child encroachers onto our camera shot as we may miss vital evidence relevant to the investigation. That being said, we make every effort (we, as in trained and professional private investigators) to avoid unnecessarily filming minors. We adjust our arcs of filming and solely focus on the subject. We do not film anywhere near schools or other places children are likely to visit. Or, we just don’t film the subject at all if there is a child in view and it’s not going to achieve much. If children do come into our camera shot, we make sure the child’s face is pixelated out of any video evidence when editing. We do not disclose the identity of any child deemed irrelevant to the investigation to our clients.

We Take it Seriously

We take this subject very seriously and we put ourselves in the shoes of the parents. No child’s identity should be shared and distributed for the sake of a private investigation that has nothing to do with the child. Furthermore, we need to protect our clients and ourselves when conducting private investigations. Ending up in court and receiving judicial punishments for things that can be avoided is not the sort of result we want to achieve. This is why it is paramount that clients seeking investigative services ensure they are instructing trained, experienced and compliant private investigators.

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