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Pattern of Life

Pattern of Life

Minimal Information It is quite often the case that we start surveillance operations with very little information to go off. This can be an annoyance for private investigators Birmingham, because we like to have all the facts to start with. Saying that, that’s what we are here for right?


At the start of any private investigation we ask lots of questions. This isn’t because we are nosey, it’s because the more information we have from the beginning, the more chance a surveillance operation will run smoothly. We can preempt what a subject is going to do, and it can even help us regain sight of a subject in the event of a loss.


Once we have the desired information, whether it be from the client or from what we have seen on the ground, we can build a pattern of life. We begin to understand a subjects routines, where he goes, where he shops, who he meets etc. It allows it us to become comfortable with our surroundings, thus allowing us to gather the evidence clients are seeking.


An example of this is when a subject is under investigation for a suspected fraudulent injury claim. If the subject regularly frequents the gym and we are not aware of this, we could find our selves in the gym wearing jeans and a woolly jumper… If we had known he or she visits the gym, we would be prepared with gym attire. We do however always keep gym kit in the car just incase, this is just an example.

Work Pattern

A recent task we undertook was very much the case of if we had the information to begin within, we could have produced a result from day 1. We arrived at the property for 06:00. At 06:30 the subject was seen arriving home from work. If we had known she worked nights we could have planned the surveillance for the night before. It’s not the end of the world though, we just readjusted for the next period of surveillance. Again, it’s all about building a pattern of life, and it took surveillance in this instance to gather that information.

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