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School Run in Pyjamas

Cohabitation Investigations Birmingham


Our latest private investigation was to determine whether our client’s former husband (subject) was cohabiting with his new girlfriend/fiancée. The client had a legitimate interest in this because they were still going through the financial side of a long drawn out divorce, and the subject stated that he was living at a different address with custody of their son. Proving cohabitation at the fiancé’s address would mean a significantly lower divorce settlement figure for the subject, but a much higher figure for the client.

Reconnaissance We planned to conduct X3 days of surveillance at the address where we believed the subject was cohabiting. We proceeded with reconnaissance prior to the surveillance where we straight away found the subjects vehicle parked on a neighbouring street (why it wasn’t parked on the driveway, we do not know…).

Surveillance Day 1

Observations commenced at 06:00. On arrival the property was in darkness with multiple windows open. The subjects vehicle was parked on the neighbouring street and the fiancé’s vehicle was parked on the driveway. First signs of life at 07:00 where lights were switched on up stairs. Shortly after, the clients son exited and walked away, Bingo! The son is living here. A few seconds later the subject exits and watches his son walk down the road. Bingo, Bingo! The subject is living here. Roughly half an hour later, the fiancé’s son exits in school uniform followed by the subject. They approach his vehicle and depart. The subject returns again shortly after. That was the last we saw of him on that day.

Surveillance Day 2

Observations again commenced for 06:00. No sign of the clients son on this occasion. However, at around 07:30, the fiancé’s son exits in school uniform followed by the subject who was noticeably wearing his pyjamas (classy!). They both jumped in the car and sped off for the school run. The subject retuned roughly 20 minutes later. It was quiet for the most of the morning, but at 11:45 the subject exits (still sporting his best pyjamas) and crosses the road to the local shop. He then returns to the house carrying a loaf of bread and a box of cereal. No further movement for the duration.

Surveillance Day 3

Day 3 was more of just a confirmation day which was conducted the following week. The same behaviours were seen on this occasion, only in a different order. The subject exited early doors to go to the shop, followed by the school run with the fiancé’s son.

Summary It doesn’t really get any clear cut than this. It was obvious the subject (and the clients son) were living at this address. Staying overnight, having spare clothes at the house, doing the school (with no shame) and keeping the house topped up with food supplies. With all this evidence compiled, we have no doubt the clients settlement figure will sway in her favour.

Although we do see some comical sights during our private investigations, we take them very seriously. Often, and on occasions like these, there are large sums of money at stake. To take these jobs on without the upmost professionalism could lead to huge financial losses for our clients.

If you suspect an ex-husband or wife is cohabiting with a new partner, friend or family member and require professional evidence from a private investigator, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We deliver irrefutable results to assist our clients in what is likely to be a very stressful period in their lives.


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