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Surveillance Operation Preparation

Covert surveillance equipment

As per any job in any industry, you must be adequately prepared to complete the job to a good standard. It's no different when conducting professional surveillance operations.

Private investigators soak up information like a sponge, it is literally the whole point of our job. With surveillance operations being intelligence led, we need to have a good understanding of the background to the investigation. We need case specifics such as property details, vehicle details, identification details etc. This sort of information is beneficial to private investigators as it prepares us for what lies ahead.

Another (and just as important) aspect of private investors being operationally prepared is to ensure equipment is suitable, functional and available. Things such as camera batteries... Are they charged? Is there enough of them to last the duration of the operation. Are they packed and ready to go? GPS vehicle trackers... Does the subject drive a car that we can deploy a tracker onto in order to assist with our surveillance? Is there enough battery life on the tracker? Is the tracker packed and ready to go? As we write this blog we are experiencing a heatwave in September 2023. Usually it would be quite cool outside making it comfortable to maintain observations in a surveillance vehicle for long durations. However, not this year! Luckily we have a fully charged fan in the car ready to go. This little fan allowed us to comfortably observe the comings and goings of a property all day, which was the task objective. Without this simple piece of equipment, the heat would have been unbearable. We are trained to equip our vehicles to suit most eventualities, as all professional private investigators should.

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