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Suspicions of Infidelity

Infidelity can wreak havoc in a relationship and by right you should know if you are falling victim of it. You may have always had suspicions of you partner being unfaithful but he or she may be very good at hiding the truth.

Here we have put together a list of behaviours to look out for if you suspect any wrong doing. These behaviours may not be the concrete evidence you need to prove such acts, which is why using a private investigator may be the next consideration in finding out what is really going on.

1) Unexplained absences - Where has your partner been going? And why are the explanations a bit vague?

2) Phone behaviour - Why does your partner hide his phone? Why has he or she changed the access pin and withheld it from you? Why does he or she not like you looking at it?

3) Defensiveness - Why is your partner so defensive when you mention or question certain other people?

4) Distance - Why is your partner a million miles away physically and mentally?

5) Drastic changes in appearance - Who is your partner trying to impress?

6) Guilty behaviour - Why has your partner just spent a fortune on you for no obvious reason?

7) New friends - Who are these new people your partner is associating with?

8) No time - Why is your partner always so busy with not a lot to show for it?

9) Financial loss - What has your partner spent all that money on?

10) Gut feeling (most important) - Something just isn't right, what is going on?

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