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The Life of a Private Investigator Birmingham

Private investigator Birmingham

Investigative Services Here at Sentry Investigations Ltd, we have a strong focus on various investigative services. There are many fields of expertise in the industry and we do not specialise in all of them, no private investigator does. That being said, we hold full membership with Association of British Investigators (ABI), so we always “know a guy”.

Association of British Investigators

Investigator Life So, the life of a private investigator, where do we start? Firstly, it’s not just a job, it’s a life choice. Any serious investigator lives, eats and breaths investigation work. Some tasks go on for weeks, months or even years (5th year for one of our jobs…). Whilst these investigations are ongoing, there are other tasks still coming in, so the work load needs to be managed accordingly like in any profession.


We always need to be on standby. Clients often have to time their enquiries with us to avoid detection. This means a suitable time for them to call without being compromised could be at 11 O’clock at night. We need to be available to take these because, well, that’s the nature of the beast in this industry. The client may not be able to call a private investigator between the hours of 9am and 5pm because her cheating husband may get wind of her intentions.


Private investigators must invest heavily in specialist equipment and training. Anyone can legally conduct a private investigation (as long as they are registered with the Information Commissioners Officer, ICO). But, would you use someone who has had no training and plans to conduct surveillance operations with the camera on their phone? Or someone with accredited qualifications, relevant experience, specialised surveillance equipment and professionally associated to recognised industry associations? I know who we would go with.


This private investigator profession requires a lot of computer based work, even with surveillance operations. Communications with the client (often via email), needs to be maintained. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) need to be completed. Data storage, data records, report writing, video editing etc. These tasks all take a considerable amount of time which needs to be considered for all private investigations.

Desktop Investigations

Making Money

Like most industries, the way we make our money comes in 1 of 3 ways. Private work, sub-contracted work or employment work. The most lucrative way of earning in this industry is through private work. Here at Sentry Investigations Ltd, we believe in fair pricing for investigative services. We have researched the market and we price our services at we believe to be reasonable rates compared to some other companies who charge extortionate rates. We must make it clear that this line of work is by no means cheap. There are however, plenty of reasons for that. The skill, training, equipment and other investment that we have acquired over the years are those reasons. If you hire a cheap private investigator, there are also reasons for why he or she is cheap…

Early Mornings and Late Nights

Early mornings and late nights are both common occurrences for private investigators Birmingham. Our early starts are usually for the simple fact that the early bird catches the work, and the late nights generally evolve because of the heavy workloads we have on our plate. Private investigations also take us the lengths and depths of the country. It’s a lovely surprise when we land a job on our doorstep (not too close though), but these jobs are few and far between. We travel lots of miles every day and spend lots of time on the road. This is of course a huge consideration to take in for anybody thinking of becoming a private investigator.

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