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Vehicle Follows

Private Investigator Birmingham

There are many aspects to get to grips with when it comes to vehicle follows. It requires a high level of theory and practical training to really grasp it, and vast experience to get good at it. This is not a lesson on vehicle follows, but merely a brief insight into the practice.

‘Standby, standby’. These are the words that come across the radio when things are about to get lively... It’s when a subject exits a property and surveillance focuses directly onto him or her.

If the subject jumps behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle or anything else with wheels on it, specific follow procedures kick into play. Solo operatives will need to take care of everything as there will be no support from anyone else. Where there are 2 or more operatives on the ground, the OP1 (who filmed the subject exiting) will stay put and OP2 will follow the vehicle away. OP1 will then follow on keeping eyes on OP2.

Many, many situations can develop from this point... Traffic lights, traffic jams, roundabouts, sudden stops, lane changes, junction exits, Uturns etc etc etc. It’s about being more flexible than a Chinese gymnast with vehicle follows, and always being ready to react to sudden changes. For some reason, data subject’s hate indicating or stopping for red lights, and maintaining eyes on whilst remaining undetected with these types (mainly in built up areas) can be very tricky indeed. Having the luxury of additional operatives on vehicle follows does lighten the burden (especially if a loss of contact occurs and search procedures are implemented), but this is not always the case. Budgets determine how many operatives are on the ground, and if there is only enough in the pot for one operative, then so be it.

A solo operative must be highly experienced. Vehicle follows can prove difficult for the most seasoned investigators and should never be left to a lone inexperienced operative.

Sentry Investigations conduct thorough assessments prior to our private investigations. We determine the amount of operatives required for tasks to ensure the best possible outcomes.

If you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, contact us and arrange a free initial consultation. We are highly experienced private investigators and very well practiced in the art of vehicle follows.


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