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What Information Should I Give to a Private Investigator For My Case?

Private investigators in Birmingham

When working with a private investigator in Birmingham for your case, you should provide us with relevant details such as:

1. Your full name, contact information, and any aliases you might use. SPI often receive inquiries where the potential client refuses to disclose his or her name. In turn, we then refuse to work on behalf of those potential clients. Clients of course expect private investigators to be open and transparent, and rightfully so. We however, expect the same in return.

2. A detailed description of the case, including the events, individuals involved, and any specific incidents or occurrences. This is so we can prepare for eventualities especially where covert surveillance is required.

3. Any documents, photographs, or evidence related to the case that you might possess. If surveillance is required, ID photographs of the subject are very helpful.

4. Information about any potential witnesses or people who may have relevant knowledge.

5. A timeline of events if applicable, to help the investigator understand the sequence of occurrences.

6. Any other information or leads you believe could be helpful in the investigation.

Remember, it's essential to be truthful and cooperative with a private investigator to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact SPI today if you need to hire a private investigator in the Birmingham area or the further West and East Midlands. We offer free initial consultations to fully understand your case requirements.


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