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 Birmingham Based Private Investigator Blog

private investigator blog

At Sentry Private Investigators we like to give our visitors an idea of what private detectives in Birmingham actually get up to. Since the profession was created, a very mysterious/'cloak and dagger' reputation has been formed. Furthermore, some unsavoury characters within the industry have unfortunately tarnished the highly professional work we do each day, and we want to put an end to it.


We want to eliminate the common misconceptions surrounding private investigations by being open with clientele from the offset. We do this to allow them to form their own opinions, and see the huge benefits of the investigative services we provide. Don't get us wrong, there are certain aspects to the job that we do like to keep close knit, However, you can quite easily research everything we do simply via online searches on various forums. This blog was formed to give people insights into the private investigations industry, and to showcase the work we do. 

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