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TSCM Bug Sweeps UK


Birmingham based expert TSCM bug sweep services covering The Midlands, East of England and London to clear your property of any suspected hidden recording devices.

What is a TSCM Bug Sweep?

Our bug sweep service in Birmingham, UK, covering the Midlands East of England and London, can help put your mind at rest if you suspect that you're being secretly recorded. Sentry Private Investigators in Birmingham offer professional technical countermeasure services that include bug sweeping to detect and locate a wide range of surveillance devices. A TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) bug sweep is a process that involves detecting and eliminating hidden electronic devices that could be used for espionage, illegal surveillance, or data theft. The process includes a physical inspection of the target location as well as the use of specialised electronic detection equipment to locate hidden devices such as listening devices, wiretaps, hidden cameras and GPS tracking devices. 

Home Bug Sweep Birmingham and London

Individuals may need a home TSCM bug sweep for several reasons, including:

  1. Protecting privacy: Individuals want to protect their privacy and ensure that their personal conversations are not being monitored.

  2. Suspicion of surveillance: Individuals who suspect they are under surveillance. A TSCM bug sweep will detect unauthorised listening or recording devices.

  3. Legal matters: Individuals involved in legal matters requiring a TSCM bug sweep to ensure their conversations and activities are not being monitored.

  4. Personal safety: Individuals at risk of harm may need a TSCM bug sweep to ensure they are not being tracked or stalked.

  5. Traveling: Individuals who travel frequently or stay in hotels may want to ensure their rental properties or hotel rooms are free of recording devices.

TSCM Bug Sweeps Birmingham

Office Bug Sweeps Birmingham and London

Bug Sweep UK

Office bug sweeping services for the corporate sectors in Birmingham and London are effective for several reasons, including:

  1. Protecting confidential information: To detect hidden recording devices used to steal sensitive information or trade secrets.

  2. Maintaining competitive advantage: By securing confidential information, companies maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  3. Ensuring privacy: To protect the privacy of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

  4. Preventing espionage: Corporate bug sweeping services prevent espionage by detecting and eliminating any unauthorised recording devices.

  5. Compliance with regulations: Some industries are subject to regulations that require businesses to protect sensitive information for compliance purposes.

Vehicle Bug Sweeping 

Vehicles can be vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks making it easy for perpetrators to gather information one would not necessarily want to share. Dependant on whether the perpetrator has access to the inside of the vehicle or not will determine what type of device can be installed. 

  1. GPS vehicle trackers can be deployed to a vehicle without needing access. These devices provide locations as well times and dates of any vehicle journeys.

  2. Listening devices can easily be hidden inside of a vehicle to record any conversations taking place.

  3. Video recording devices can also be hidden inside a vehicle (albeit not as easily as a listening device) to gather information of any activity taking place.

A vehicle TSCM bug sweeps requires a methodical search to eliminate any suspected threats to privacy. SPI are trained and equipped to conduct such searches to ultimately give vehicle owners peace of mind.

TSCM Bug Sweeps for Vehicles

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Specialist TSCM Bug Sweeping Services

How we do it...

Our Birmingham based bug sweep services are designed to locate and identify hidden video and audio recording devices by means of a process of eliminating all potential threats that may lead to an eavesdropping attack against individuals or corporate enterprises.
We start our bug sweeps with use of radio frequency detectors plus an array of associated antenna systems in search of devices emitting signals across a broad frequency range (3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS etc). We then scan for camera systems with our enhanced camera lens and infrared light finders to pinpoint exactly where video recording devices have been planted. Next we scan with thermal imagery equipment to detect devices emitting heat or a power source.

Throughout the bug sweep process, we will also be conducting thorough physical searches with the most effective piece of equipment available, the human eye.

Computer keyboards and other electronic equipment will be examined to determine if key loggers and similar eavesdropping equipment is installed A physical and electronic inspection is conducted on all electrical wiring, power outlets, light switches and other electronic equipment.  As part of our bug detection services we also complete a physical and electronic inspection of all telecommunications equipment, floor distribution points and individual telephone sockets.

Do you need an expert TSCM bug sweep?

Recording Device Hiding Places

Recording devices are typically very small in size, can be hidden pretty much anywhere and they are usually deployed in a concealed manor invisible to the naked eye. Dependent on the type of device being used, providing they they can pick up the relevant signal to operate (3G, 4G WiFi etc.) they will be effective, which is why professional and well equipped bug sweep services are required to locate such covert devices.


We have put together a list of common places video and audio bugs are deployed so you can see why a bug sweep carried out by a trained private investigator should be considered. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are many ways to conceal and hide a recording device in your property.

Ceiling Voids

Bug deployments in ceiling voids are a very common place in office environments as ceilings panels are generally made from lightweight materials which can be raised to gain access. The perpetrator who deploys the device will likely have access to the entire ceiling void making it very difficult for an untrained and under equipped investigator to locate a device during their bug sweep. Sentry Investigations Ltd come trained and fully equipped to locate recording devices hidden in ceiling voids.

Plug Sockets

Plug sockets are very discreet places to hide small bugs, but they generally require a screwdriver and a period of time to gain access to them. Homes and offices have multiple sockets on all floors, again making it difficult for an untrained and unequipped investigator to locate a hidden device during their bug sweep. Our bug sweep services are thorough and effective meaning we leave no stone (or plug socket) unturned.

Floor Boards

Under the floor boards is a perfect place to deploy a covert listening device. Rolling a corner of carpet up and lifting a single floor board to drop in a device is a straight forward job, however it could create some disturbance and sign that something has happened in the specific area of the room if not carried out correctly. SPI are professionally equipped when conducting bug sweep services meaning we wont miss a device hidden under a floor board.

Book Shelves

A book on a book shelf could quite simply have a camera fitted to the spine. Alarm clocks are now being manufactured with a camera lenses installed behind the clock face. These every-day items that can be placed on a book shelf are becoming more and more common. They are often used as a form of security, but they are also used for more sinister intentions as well.


Using furniture to conceal a bug is a quick method of deployment and it can leave the bug exposed to the naked eye but can be missed by someone unsuspecting. Deploying a covert recording device under a desk or chair for example would define the bug as being concealed, but it only requires a quick look underneath to locate the device. A bug could however be deployed inside a sofa which would be a far more effective concealment and a professional bug sweep would be necessary.

Fire Alarms

Much like the every-day items being altered to hide recording devices as previously mentioned, bugs are now being purposely built into fire or smoke alarms. It will be quite simple to remove an existing alarm and replace it with a bugged one without someone unsuspecting even noticing. Trained a professional TSCM bug sweep specialist can quickly determine the purpose of a suspicious device within a property.

Expert TSCM Bug Sweeps


Our private investigator TSCM Bug Sweep services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The TSCM Bug Sweeping services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

Do You Need a Professional TSCM Bug Sweep?

 If you suspect a recording device has been planted in your property and you need the services of a TSCM bug sweep specialist in Birmingham, the Midlands, East of England or London, get in touch with Sentry Private Investigators today at or call us on 01217691626.

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