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Private investigator worcester

Private Investigator & Detective Agency Worcester 

Private Investigator Worcester

At SPI, private investigator Worcester services are delivered with a discreet and confidential approach. We offer a range of services by operating on behalf of both individuals and local businesses in need of evidence, information and answers. Sentry Private Investigators Ltd are a professionally associated and established private detective agency with decades of collective industry experience. Our investigative services boast excellent success rates and are tailored to the needs of the client on a case by case basis. Whether you need proof of a suspected cheating partner, or evidence to counter a suspected fraudulent workplace injury claim, SPI are specialist investigators who are on hand to get the job done. 

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Private Investigator Worcester Services

Questions and Answers From a Private Investigator Worcester

Private investigators in Worcester

Q. What should I expect when contacting a private investigator Worcester?

A. When contacting Sentry Private Investigators, your investigation will be taken care of by our experienced case handler from start to finish. Any questions or concerns you have will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and you will be guided through the entire process.

Q. Why should I choose Sentry Investigations Ltd as my private investigator Worcester?

A. SPI are a leading private investigator agency in Worcester. We have been operating for over 10 years and we have built a reputation for delivering excellent results for our clients at cost effective rates. 

Q. How much do private investigators in Worcester cost?

A. This is dependent on which private investigator you approach. At SPI, we offer our services at very competitive prices. We also work with our clients to keep our services at affordable rates and in budgetary requirements. Please contact us for a service quote.

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Values and Standards of a Private Investigator in Worcester


Our private investigator Worcester services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The private investigator Worcester services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

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