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SPI provide legal support in form of quick and reliable process serve services.

What is Process Serving?

Process serving refers to the legal procedure of delivering legal documents to individuals involved in a court case or legal proceeding. The process server, who is usually a professional process server or a private investigator ensures the documents are properly delivered to the intended recipient. The purpose of process serving is to notify individuals and confirm acknowledgement of a legal matter, and to inform them of their responsibilities within the legal process. Once the legal documents are delivered, SPI provide statements of service, which serves as evidence that the documents were properly served. This statement is then submitted to the court as proof of compliance with the legal requirements. 

Legal Documents We Serve

  • Summons: A summons informs an individual that they are required to appear in court, either as a defendant or a witness.

  • Writs and claims forms: These documents initiate legal proceedings and inform the defendant that they are being sued or that a claim has been made against them.

  • Court orders: Court orders are issued by a judge and may require a person to take a specific action, such as attending court, paying a fine, or complying with certain conditions.

  • Subpoenas: Subpoenas compel a person to provide testimony in court or produce specific documents as evidence in a legal case.

  • Injunctions: An injunction is a court order that requires a person to stop or refrain from doing a specific action. It can be served to prevent harm or maintain the status quo during legal proceedings.

  • Notices: Various legal notices, such as notices of eviction, termination, or repossession, may need to be served to inform individuals of specific actions or changes in their legal rights.

  • Divorce papers: In divorce proceedings, legal documents such as divorce petitions, financial orders, and child custody applications may be served to notify the other party about the divorce and related matters.

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How Can a Process Server at SPI Support Me and My Case?

A process server at Sentry Private Investigators Ltd can provide several important services to support you, or your business in legal matters. 


  1. Serving legal documents: SPI are responsible for delivering legal documents to the intended recipient. By ensuring the documents are served according to legal requirements, they help initiate legal proceedings, provide notice to the involved parties and enable the legal process to move forward.

  2. Knowledge of legal requirements: Process servers at SPI are familiar with the specific rules and regulations governing the service of legal documents. SPI understand the methods, timelines and locations for serving different types of documents. This ensures the service is conducted correctly to avoide any potential issues or delays.

  3. Serving difficult-to-reach individuals: Sometimes, the recipients of legal documents may try to evade service. A process server is skilled in locating individuals and employing various strategies to effectuate service. 

  4. Affidavit of service: After completing the service, SPI provides you with an affidavit, or statement of service. This document is crucial as it serves as evidence that the legal documents were served. 

  5. Maintaining confidentiality: Process servers at SPI understand the importance of confidentiality in legal matters. We handle sensitive documents and personal information with professionalism and discretion, ensuring that privacy is maintained throughout the process.

  6. Timely and reliable service: Engaging with SPI helps ensure that legal documents are served promptly and efficiently. SPI prioritise timely delivery, allowing you to proceed with your legal case without unnecessary delays.

Standards of Our Process Serves 


Our process serve services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our services are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The litigation services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with our process serves

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If you require litigation support in form of process serving services, contact SPI for quick and efficient solution. Email us today at .   

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