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You have suspicions, our Mansfield private detectives get the evidence.

Private Investigator Mansfield

Discreet Private Investigation services in Mansfield

Do you suspect your employee has submitted a fraudulent workplace injury claim? Do you need to hire a private investigator to confirm your suspicions? SPI offer discreet private investigator Mansfield services to evidence the true extent of workplace injury claims. We have been actively operating in the private investigations industry for over 10 year by supporting local businesses who are experiencing similar issues by means of covert surveillance operations and other investigative practice. SPI also support individuals with our range of private investigator Mansfield services. Amongst a list of professional services we provided for our private clients, we regularly support those who suspect their partners are having extra marital affairs. We offer the most cost effective service to prove infidelity concerns which generally amounts to covert surveillance operations aided by the use of GPS vehicle tracking.  

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Private Investigator Mansfield Services

Professional Private Detectives in Mansfield

Sentry Private Investigators was formed in 2021 with the managing director having served an extensive career in the British Armed Forces until 2013. He then set out to break into the private sector and put his transferrable skills into the investigations industry by operating as a freelance covert surveillance operative. With years of conducting live investigations across the UK circuit, the time came to form a reputable company and continue to deliver the professional private investigation services under the banner of SPI. To this day we operate with the values and standards of a serving British soldier, and we deliver the excellent results to our clients as you would expect from the British Army. We have taken positive steps over the years by firstly gaining full membership with the Association of British Investigators, the most well known and trusted association in the UK. This alone should extinguish any level of doubt clients may be having  when seeking private investigator Mansfield services as it instantly demonstrates our organisation is suitably qualified, experienced, insured and legally registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). To find out more about us as an organisation, please visit our About Us page.  

Values and Standards of a Private Investigator in Mansfield


Our private investigator Mansfield services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The private investigator Mansfield services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

Hire a Private Investigator Mansfield

When seeking the services of a private investigator Mansfield, it is strongly advised to check the investigative providers credentials. There are plenty of individuals out there who claim to be private investigators when in reality they are nothing more than cowboys running around with cameras providing poor imagery and making excuses for achieving poor results. SPI are a reputable private detective agency operating with a trusted network of skilled and experienced private investigators in Mansfield that deliver excellent results. If you need to hire a real private investigator in Mansfield, contact SPI today for your free, no obligation consultation session. We offer the most effective investigative solutions at the most cost effective rates to your budget.

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