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Private investigators in Daventry

Private Investigator & Detective Agency Daventry  

Private Investigator Daventry

At SPI, our discreet private investigator Daventry services are provided with industry experience and absolute professionalism. We tailor an array of private detective services from employee absenteeism investigations to private suspected cheating partner investigations. Various private investigations require mobile covert surveillance services to effectively deliver the critical evidence our clients are looking for. Our private investigator Daventry services are designed to suit the requirements of our clients expectations, and we deliver them in a way to maximise operational efficiency in the most cost efficient way.

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Private Investigator Daventry Services

Professional Private Detectives in Daventry

SPI aim to be the number one provider of private investigator Daventry  services. We are well accustomed to the emotional element attached to certain private investigations such as infidelity investigations and cases involving divorces etc. Our approach to these case is with the empathy and sensitivity they deserve as we all know all too well what clients are going through when they enquire with us. Hiring a private investigator Daventry to conduct a  covert surveillance operation can be a very stressful experience for some clients, which is why our expert case handlers keep clients well informed of exactly what is going on throughout. We want to reduce stress levels and professionally deliver the factual based evidence our clients are seeking. Our private investigations in Daventry are strictly confidential meaning clients can disclose their identities and case details with absolute confidence. Personal information will never be distributed beyond our organisation.  If you need to hire a confidential private investigator Daventry, email us at

private detectives in Daventry
Values and Standards of a Private Investigator in Daventry


Our private investigator Daventry services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The private investigator Daventry services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

Hire a Private Investigator Daventry

Sentry Private Investigators are legally registered Data Controllers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). When planning and searching for private investigators in Daventry, It is highly recommended to check that your private investigator is registered with ICO, is suitably qualified and holds in date insurance policies. A private detective in Daventry that cannot openly present this criteria is likely to be operating to a poor standard and charging for services they should not legally be practicing. A private investigator who is neither appropriately trained or registered with ICO will firstly be in breach of data protection laws, but also likely to be routinely breaking UK privacy and employment laws. SPI are a legally compliant private detective agency that operates with knowledge of key legislation permitting us to operate in a safe and legal manner.

Questions and Answers From a Private Investigator Daventry
Private investigation services in Daventry

Q. Can a private investigator Daventry provide evidence of our employee working somewhere else when she is claiming to be off sick?

A. Yes, for cases like these we provide covert surveillance services which allows our private investigator Daventry agents to gather clear evidence of employees working elsewhere when they should be either absent due to illness or at work with you..

Q. Why should I choose Sentry Private Investigators as my private investigator in Daventry?

A. SPI has built up a positive reputation for providing excellent private and corporate investigation services. We operate efficiently, professionally and we always try to ensure we can deliver our services within the budgetary requirements where possible. SPI are also on the approved list of investigative providers with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) which should extinguish any level of doubt one may be having when hiring a private investigator Daventry.

Q. Will Sentry Private Investigators offer me a discount for investigation services in Daventry?

A. With our close connection to the British Armed Forces and the fact that we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, SPI offer 10% discounted rates to all serving and members of HMforces.

Private detective agency Daventry
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