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What Does A Private Investigator Agency Do?

What does a private investigator agency do on a day to day basis? There are many aspects to being a private investigator agency, and all private investigators specialise in their own desired fields. Sentry Private Investigators specialise in covert surveillance operations, open source investigations (background checks and people tracing) plus many other areas of investigation. We have put together a list of case study examples that we as a professional private investigator agency have conducted over the years for our visitors to get an idea of what we actually do day in, day out. 

March 2023

matrimonial investigations

Case Study - Matrimonial Cheating Partner Surveillance

TASK - To evidence actions of a cheating husband whilst away on a business trip in the city. Report all findings back to the client as the operation progresses.

METHOD - Conduct period of mobile surveillance with a team of X2 surveillance operatives in order to increase evidence gathering opportunities and reduce exposure levels.

OUTCOME - The subject was observed attending a works dinner at a private members club before returning back to his hotel. The subject was dropped off by his taxi approximately 400 metres before his hotel so he could withdraw a large amount of cash from an ATM. Once the subject was back at his hotel, he was known to call the client to which he told her he was going to bed for the evening.No more than one minute after the phone call ended, the subject was out of the hotel and into another taxi which took him to a brothel a short distance away. On arrival the subject darted out of the taxi and into the building where he remained for the entirety of the night. To our surprise, the subjects actions were on display in the purple lit room (pictured) to which we were able to see and evidence most things going on. The subject was in the presence of what we initially thought was X2 females, one of which was on her knees, and the other stood behind him assisting in putting a bra on him. Once the bra was on, the female who assisted then moved over to the yellow lit room to smoke Cannabis out of the window. Once she was finished she stepped away from the window we were able to confirm she was not a female.... The client was updated throughout the operation and she remained calm and composed which was good to see from our point of view. 

January 2021

Case Study - People Tracing Investigation

TASK - To locate and provide address/contact details of a clients two sons where contact had been broken three years prior following a family dispute. To seek post consent from the two sons to allow distribution of address/contact details to the client.

METHOD - Conduct trace search enquiries via online open-source registers to obtain current addresses and further contact details for both sons. Contact both sons directly and seek consent to distribute information to their father.

people tracing investigations

OUTCOME - Both sons current addresses and other contact information was sourced with data as recent as 3 weeks old. Following a discussion and an agreement between both sons, they gave consent for our private investigator agency to distribute contact details to the client. The client reconnected with both sons.

December 2020

Case Study - Industrial Espionage Investigation

Industrial espionage investigations

TASK - To conduct a private investigation and establish evidence of a client's former contractor's new place of work. The contractor in question is suspected to employed with a direct competitor of the clients. previous investigations prove he was sharing confidential product designs with the new employer, putting him in breach of contract.


METHOD - Conduct a period of surveillance to evidence who the previous contractor is now working for. The client specifically requested that no video footage is to be obtained of the previous contractor's home or anything unrelated to the objective.

OUTCOME - The previous contractor was observed (not filmed) exiting his home address at approximately 08:15hrs. He departed in his vehicle and was followed approximately 20 miles to a small supermarket. He went inside and purchased a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink. The previous contractor then got back into his vehicle and drove a further 1 mile to a large industrial estate which is where the cameras were switched on. He pulled into the car park of the business the client suspected he was working and exited his vehicle with his lunch and a laptop bag. He then walked across the car park and entered the main front door with the company logo clearly displayed next to the door. The previous contractor was found to be in breach of contract. Evidence of confidential design sharing and proof of the previous contractor's new place or work was distributed by our private investigator agency and the client filed a court injunction against him. 

June 2020

Case Study - Fraudulent Personal Injury Claim Investigation

TASK - To establish whether a male painter and decorator was back at work and at what level following a vehicle collision and claiming through the insured driver's policy that he was unable to work consecutive days for no more than 3 to 4 hours per day due to chronic pain in his arms and back. Noted - Prior observations had been conducted on the subject without success due to loss of contact during mobile follow procedures.

METHOD - To conduct three consecutive days of mobile surveillance on the subject to evidence his daily routines. The surveillance team consisted of two operatives to reduce the possibility of losing site of the subject.​

fraudulent personal injury claims investigations

OUTCOME - On all three days of surveillance the subject was observed unloading and loading painting and decorating materials from the back of his pickup truck and into a total of X3 different properties. Time logged evidence proved the subject was working an average of 10-hour days. He displayed no signs of physical incapability and appeared fit for work. Due the factual based evidence provided by our private investigator agency, the subjects claim was proven to be fraudulent.  

February 2019

Case Study - Moonlighting Investigation

moonlighting investigations

TASK - To establish evidence of moonlighting (working for competitors) of a solicitor (specialising in PPI claims) who was at the time suspended without pay by his employer (law firm) pending an investigation for suspected theft of a large sum of money.

METHOD - To conduct three days of surveillance to establish whether the subject is working for competitors.​

OUTCOME - During the course of the 3 days, the subject was followed to an office complex and was found to be running his own law firm specialising in PPI claims which was in direct competition of his employer. This evidence was distributed to the client by our private investigator agency however, any further action was not disclosed to us.

February 2018

Case Study - Infidelity Investigation

TASK - To establish evidence of a male suspected of infidelity who has previously been known for committing such acts. The male was under surveillance when previously suspected and the client did disclose the video evidence to him upon completion of the task.


METHOD - To deploy an experienced surveillance operative within our private investigator agency in order to conduct a period of covert surveillance. Surveillance to commence on an evening when the subject is due to have a night out with a friend and with the knowledge of the subject being surveillance aware.

infidelity investigations

OUTCOME - The subject did in fact go on a night out with a friend however, two females met with the subject and his friend, which led to a bar crawl across the town and all four parties becoming extremely intoxicated. Throughout the evening, the subject was observed passionately kissing one of the females on a number of occasions before checking into a local hotel with her after last orders. The subject proved infidelity (again).

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