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SPI are expert infidelity investigators operating across the UK by gathering clear evidence of a cheating partner.

Infidelity Investigators For Catching a Cheating Partner

What is an Infidelity Investigation?

An infidelity investigation is a service that focuses on determining whether a person is having a matrimonial affair. This may involve varied techniques such as covert surveillance, background checks or GPS vehicle tracking. SPI discreetly gather evidence in forms of photographs, videos or audio recordings to confirm whether a partner is cheating. The goal of an infidelity investigation is to provide the client with accurate and reliable information about a partner's behaviour so informed decisions can be made about the future of the relationship.

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How our Infidelity Investigators catch  a cheating partner having an extramarital affair...

Catching a cheating partner usually requires covert surveillance operations and the use of GPS vehicle trackers. These specific practices are effective, and discreet ways of proving infidelity within a relationship. SPI deploy covert infidelity investigators to gather the essential evidence needed to prove acts of adultery.


If you suspect your partner is involved in an extra marital affair or committing acts of infidelity, we will provide the evidence you need to make decisions about the future of your relationship.

The Affects of an Affair...

Extra marital affairs can wreak havoc in a relationship. Whether it's a spouse of 20 years or a short-term partner, infidelity can simply destroy all instilled trust. At SPI we are expert infidelity investigators who sympathise with anyone experiencing such concerns. Our Birmingham-based private detective agency  practice in many areas of the investigations industry, but we are satisfied by nothing more than catching a cheating partner and providing clarity to our clients.


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Extra Marital Affairs and Catching a Cheating Partner

Sentry Private Investigators treat infidelity investigations with absolute discretion to all parties involved. We understand and empathise with what an affected partner is going through so we want to ensure the investigation process doesn't cause further distress.

Distributing our evidence sometimes means the end of a relationship, but often it is the beginning of the end. The fallout to our infidelity investigations is where things get really serious, especially where children are involved and families break down to a point beyond repair. This is why SPI operate with sensitivity, care and professionalism by supporting our clients through the investigation process at every step of the way.

Five Signs of a Cheating Partner and Extramarital Affairs

1) Change of Working Hours

Has your partners work pattern changed suddenly? This may be completely innocent but your partner will need to stick to this change rigorously if he or she is engaging in extra marital affairs, as well as continuing to work his or her regular hours. Cheating partners will need to make changes to their normal routines in order to keep up with their matrimonial affairs, but out infidelity investigators will quickly and efficiently evidence these changes.

2) Money

Are you suddenly seeing a decrease funds in your joint bank account? Are you seeing lots of cash withdrawals with no convincing reasons to back them up? It can cost a lot of money to have an extramarital affair, dinners, drinks, hotels, gifts etc. Keep an eye on your finances and scrutinise where every penny is going. Catching a cheating partner is not always going to be easy, so keeping your eyes and ears everywhere is paramount.

3) Phone Behaviour

Most extra marital affairs are revealed by the cheating partner's phone behaviour. Is your partner hiding his or her phone? Has the password recently been changed to something you are not privy to? Does he or she not like you looking at his or her phone?  There are many phone behaviours to look out for with a cheating partner, and they can be quite easily spotted if you have your suspicions. 

4) Appearance 

Has your partner recently changed his or her appearance? This may be nothing to worry about but, your partner may be trying to impress someone else... If your partner has grown a beard for example, and you have made it clear that you do not like beards, then maybe there is more to it. Whoever your partner is having an extra marital affair with will have different appearance preferences to you, so your partner will need to adapt his or her appearance to suit new partner to suit their preference.

5) Always Away

When a partner is always away under suspicious circumstances, it is usually pretty clear that something is going on, and some direct questioning will be a natural point of progression. Where are you spending all of your time? Because it's not with me! Your cheating cheating partner will need to make a lot of excuses to keep the infidelity behaviour up, and the smallest of mistakes on his or her behalf will reveal the extramarital affair. 

Standards of our Private Investigations


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


Our matrimonial private investigation services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


The cheating partner investigations we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

Infidelity Investigation Initial Consultations

The private investigation process starts with a confidential and well-managed consultation with one of our experienced case handlers. The consultation is carried out on your terms to minimise the chance of the suspected cheating partner becoming aware of the investigation. Discreet initial communications are a key element of a successful infidelity investigation.

SPI will ask you for information regarding your suspected cheating partner such as home address details, work address details, vehicle details specific dates and timings etc. The more information provided during the initial consultation will result in a smoother investigation process. 

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Hire a Private Detective to Catch a Cheating Partner

If you suspect you are currently in a relationship with an unfaithful spouse and you need help catching your cheating partner, get in touch with SPI today for your free, no obligation consultation. We are specialised in matrimonial affair covert surveillance operations which is a necessary service to evidence a cheating partners acts of infidelity.


When seeking the services of infidelity investigators or even private investigators in general, it is essential to ensure that your operation is conducted legally and ethically. ABI and IPI vetted members extinguish any level of doubt a client may be having, as we operate with field experience, GDPR compliance and adherence to strict UK privacy laws. 


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So, if you’re looking for comprehensive and reliable infidelity investigators in Birmingham, the West Midlands, East Midlands, East of England or London, you’ve come to the right place.

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