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Private Investigator & Detective Agency Loughborough  

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Discreet detective services in Loughborough


Sentry Private Investigators Loughborough offer a range of discreet and confidential services to individuals and local businesses across the East Midlands. Our services include covert surveillance operations, TSCM bug sweeps, GPS vehicle tracking, people tracing and much more. SPI's Loughborough private detective services are entirely confidential and are conducted in accordance with data protection and UK privacy laws. SPI are accredited by the Association of British Investigators (ABI) due to our experience levels, and competent approach to investigations. We operate with our own trusted network of private investigators, all with former backgrounds in the military, police and other government sector agencies which naturally provides assurances of a professional service.

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Private Investigator Loughborough Services

Cohabitation Private Investigations

Sentry Private Investigators Loughborough support individuals with specialist cohabitation investigation services. A cohabitation investigation is conducted to determine whether a person is living with someone and sharing living expenses which may affect financial divorce settlements. SPI use a variety of techniques to investigate suspected cohabitation, such as covert surveillance, background checks or even interviews. SPI provide detailed reports by highlighting our findings which can then be distributed at hearings. 

Professional, cost-effective Undercover Private Detectives in Loughborough

We take great satisfaction in outperforming industry norms with exceptional services at cost effective rates. As private investigators in Loughborough, our main objective is to present hard evidence to unearth concealed truths. SPI's talented network of private investigators are trained, qualified and highly experienced in varied fields of private investigation. We boast a real talent pool, meaning we can provide the most suitable and local private investigators for the task at hand. 

private detective agency Loughborough
Values and Standards of a Private Investigator in Loughborough


Our private investigator Loughborough services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The private investigator Loughborough services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

Private Investigator Loughborough Questions and Answers
private investigations Loughborough

Q. How might a private detective in Loughborough benefit my company?

A. SPI offers corporate investigative services to support local businesses. For example, if an employee is reportedly claiming significant sums of money for a fictitious injury at work claim, the business will be put in a difficult situation. When injuries are fabricated to a GP or other medical professional, the medical professionals will often agree with the claimant which  necessitates the hiring of a private investigator in Loughborough. SPI use covert surveillance techniques to document the full extent of the employees' injuries in high definition video. For a basic list of the corporate investigative services we offer in Loughborough, please visit our Investigative Services page.

Q. Can a private investigator Loughborough assist me to prove that my ex-spouse is living with someone else while we are going through a divorce?

A. Yes, cohabitation investigations need several rounds of static surveillance to show where and with whom an ex-partner is residing with. For further details, please visit our Cohabitation page.

Q.How much do Loughborough private investigators charge?

A. The price of a private investigator in Loughborough varies depending on the service(s) needed. SPI provide a wide range of investigation services to both the private and corporate sectors in Loughborough, and we can provide accurate quotes on request.


Q. How long does it take a Loughborough private investigator to conduct an extra marital affair investigation?

A. The nature of the private investigation in Loughborough being conducted will determine this. We recommend setting up a surveillance operation at a time when it will be most effective to prove your allegations you if you believe your partner is cheating. When the alleged cheating partner is out and about, only one monitoring session may be necessary. Alternately, the partner might be gone over the weekend, in which case observations will be necessary for the entire duration of the weekend. Other types of investigation such as Cohabitation investigations may call for several shorter surveillance sessions spread out over a longer period of time to demonstrate the level of occupancy.


Q: Why should Sentry Private Investigators be my go-to private detective in Loughborough?

A. The managing director of SPI has been in business for more than ten years. We have amassed the knowledge, experience, and expertise necessary to provide top-notch investigation services to both individuals and business clients in Loughborough. We are on the Association of British Investigators'  (the most reputable and well-known association in the UK),  recognised list of investigative service providers. Additionally, we provide private investigation services at costs that are competitive against the current market. Visit our About Us page for more information about SPI.

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Hire a Registered Private Investigator in Loughborough

Sentry Private Investigators are registered Data Controllers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Additionally, SPI hold full membership with both the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the UK Professional Investigations Network (UKPIN). As a potential client seeking the services of a private investigator in Loughborough, it is essential to ensure your investigator is a member of a recognised industry professional association. This will extinguish any level of doubt when approaching the investigator, as associative membership displays the required level of competence to operate on your behalf.

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