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Sentry Private Investigators Ltd offer expert services at cost effective rates which prove to be highly competitive within the industry market.

Private Detective Rates UK

Private investigator prices in Birmingham and across the UK can vary from one extreme to the other. So for your peace of mind Sentry Private Investigator's prices are affordable and  competitive. As such, we work with clients by offering services suited to requirements with available budgets in mind. We believe in fair pricing for investigation & surveillance services with no hidden costs and transparent fees agreed from the offset. Please note that our surveillance services are priced at hourly rates only and task expenses may be charged additionally where applicable. 

Private Investigations Rates and Prices

Surveillance Operations 

  • X1 operative /4 hours: £236 (static operations only)

  • X1 operative / 5 hours: £295

  • Additional hours: £59

  • X2 operatives / 5 hours: £590

  • Additional hours: £118

  • Expenses: TBC where applicable

Includes: Static/mobile surveillance, operational video footage, stills imagery, task commentary

GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Week 1: £269

  • Week 2+: £169


Includes: Tracker deployment/retrieval, panel monitoring, live updates

People Tracing / Trace Debtor Services

  • From: £129

  • No find, no fee (terms apply)


Includes: Subject identification, current address/occupancy data, telephone searches, Email sweeps, linked addresses

Static Camera Deployments

  • Week 1 (Outdoor): £269

  • Week 2+ (Outdoor): £169

  • Week 1 (Indoor): £319

  • Week 2+ (Indoor): £219


Includes: Camera deployment/retrieval, panel monitoring, live updates

Background Checks

  • From: £399

Includes: Trace search data, Family circs, past/current marriages, property demographics/ownership, appointment sweeps, director/shareholder details, credit data, court searches, investment sweeps, media/online sweeps plus more

Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

  • Vehicle: £299

  • Small prop (1-2 bed): £399

  • Medium prop (3-4 bed): £499

  • Large prop (5+ bed): £599 - £999

  • Office: From £599


Includes: Private/business property sweeps, vehicle sweeps, analysis through military grade TSCM equipment, detailed reporting

Mystery Shop Experience Investigations

  • From: £279

Includes: Experienced covert surveillance operative, detailed report, stills imagery, video imagery 

Process/Document Serving

  • Standard Service: £179

  • Urgent Service (24 hours): £259

Includes: X2 attempts at serve, statement of service

Administrative Tasks

  • Per Hour: £59

Includes: Report writing, video editing, audio reviewing, OSINT gathering

Private Investigator Prices At Discounted Rates

SPI stems from former extensive military careers with HM Forces. As such, we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and we proudly support serving members and veterans in any way we can. To that end, our UK private investigator prices are charged at a 10% discounted rate on all services. It is the very least we can do to show our support. We do regularly review our private investigator rates to ensure our services are being delivered at fair and reasonable levels.

armed forces covenant
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Payment Details

Our private investigator prices are generally set at fixed initial rates for certain services (trace searches, background checks, GPS tracker deployments etc). However, surveillance operations are charged at hourly rates which does not include operational expense costs. Clients are provided with detailed proposals, terms of business and itemised invoices prior to committing to the use of our services. Final expense invoices will be generated on completion of surveillance operations where applicable. Investigations requiring a number of different services will be offered with discounts to ensure we deliver positive results with low private investigator rates.

Investigation Payment Methods

Stripe Payments


Debit/Credit Card

We accept all major credit/debit card payments via our secure Stripe payment system. Payments can be made via a simple invoice link sent to your smartphone or other device.

Bank Transfers


Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers are accepted. Payment details will be provided upon invoicing.


Cash Payments

For confidentiality reasons, we do accept cash payments under certain circumstances.

Private Investigator Terms and Conditions Plus More Information

For more information regarding our private investigator rates and prices, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We often find that if certain investigative services are priced out of reach, we can offer alternatives within budget to achieve similar results. We understand the concerns people are going through when they make contact and the issue of cost can be a determining factor on whether an investigation can go ahead or not. Sentry Private Investigators want to help anyone who is genuinely in need of our services, so we work with clients to achieve results at an affordable price. 

Click this link to view our full terms and condition for our private investigation services.

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