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Confidential Private Investigator Services for Birmingham & Beyond 

Private Investigator Services

SPI are an established private detective agency offering confidential services across the West Midlands and the East Midlands. We offer a wide range of private investigations including covert surveillance operations, TSCM bug sweeps, GPS vehicle tracking, trace debtor services, private investigator background checks and much more.  Our services are tailored to gather reliable evidence which naturally positions our clientele in stronger standing positions. This, then allows for informed decision making on how best to proceed with their situations. 

Private Investigator Birmingham Covert Surveillance Operations




  1. close observations, especially of a suspected private investigator, private detective or spy.

One of the most effective methods of evidence gathering for a private investigator Birmingham is a covert surveillance operation. A surveillance operatives main objective when conducting private investigations is to capture evidence of a data subjects movements and behaviours  on film whilst remaining covert and undetected. Complex private investigations can require a number of different services which will pull on different expertise across the investigative industry in order to produce various types of evidence. However, covert surveillance is essentially the "nitty gritty" tradecraft of a private investigation which requires skilled, competent and professional agents to achieve their objectives in a legal and ethical manner. 


Covert surveillance is a highly specialised practice which requires adequate training and field experience to master the art of. TV and films have glamourised the private investigations trade, and certainly the covert surveillance aspect. The truth is, there is very little glamour to the life of a surveillance operative (most of the time) and the job can be a very stressful one. Private investigators in Birmingham conducting covert surveillance operations are trained to be extremely patient, focused and self sufficient for prolonged periods of time. A surveillance operative would be expected to monitor a property for hours or even days on end from the comfort (the word comfort is used loosely) of a vehicle or other observation post, and react at a moments notice when the data subject presents his or her self, to then follow the subject where ever he or she goes. The follow could, and often does take the surveillance operative to the other side of the country, and the operative would need to be prepared for this and be ready to adapt to any changes in environment. This side of a surveillance operation often goes unnoticed and the client (at no fault of their own) wont recognise what goes on behind the camera. This is why a well trained, professional private investigator Birmingham will maximise on gathering evidential footage for the client. A common saying in the private investigations industry is, "If its not on film, it never happened.".

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Covert surveillance operations are as mentioned, a strong arm to private investigators in Birmingham. Operations are conducted for an endless list of reasons but are commonly used for private cheating partner investigations or matrimonial investigations. Surveillance is often also used within the corporate sector to support businesses experiencing ongoing hardships. Common corporate surveillance tasks are conducted for concerns of employees taking suspicious levels of absence and submitting suspected fraudulent workplace injury claims. Surveillance operations are the most effective way to provide clear evidence against concerns such as these, but the surveillance needs to be carried out in a professional and competent manner in order to achieve the desired result.

Sentry Private Investigators are experts in the field of covert surveillance operations. When it comes to private investigations, covert surveillance is actually the main service our private investigations firm was built on, and to this day we learning  new ways of developing the trade to improve the services we provide to our clients. Over the years we have been involved with some very high profile surveillance investigations, but also some very low profile private investigations. The common factor between them is they all received the same level of professionalism and excellent service we aim to provide.

Standards of Our Private Detective Agency

Sentry Private Investigators operate with strict confidentiality with all private investigator services. We ensure the personal data distributed to us is managed in accordance with GDPR  and data protection requirements.


We ensure our private investigator services are legally compliant at every level. Sentry Investigations Ltd have the knowledge and expertise to conduct professional and ethical private investigations whilst operating lawfully.


SPI satisfy thorough Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's) prior to any and all private investigations. This is to ensure the investigative course of action is justified and proportionate to the nature of the enquiry.

Find Out More About Our Private Investigator Services

One of the unique aspects of private investigations is that no two cases are the same, which is what makes the industry such an attractive one to work in. We do receive enquiries revolving around similar situations, cohabitation investigations or fraudulent workplace injury claims for example. However, circumstances are always different, the people we investigate are always different, the areas and environments we operate in are always different. The fact that all private investigations are different is exactly why clients need reliable private investigator services to deliver the evidence they are seeking. Trained and experienced private investigators know how to adapt to the differences, environments, people and situations to ensure they achieve their objectives and gather the evidence they set out to gather.

Sentry Private Investigators operate with a trusted network of private detectives who are trained to deliver expert private investigator services in all situations. The list of services above is just a generic list of frequent services we provide, but we often find ourselves involved with private investigations that we would never have even thought of before. What makes us a professional and versatile private detective agency is that we accommodate, adapt and deliver the results are clients are seeking under all circumstances.


To find out more about how we can support you, or your company with our tailored private investigator services, get in touch with SPI by calling on 01217691626, or email us at

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