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trace debtor services UK


SPI offer quick and accurate  trace debtor services on a 'no find, no fee' basis.

Trace Debtor Services 

SPI provide effective trace debtor services to private clientele in Birmingham, the Midlands, East of England and London. We have access to a range of constantly evolving data bases to give us accurate information on the whereabouts of debtors owing substantial amounts of money or other financial assets. We understand tracing a debtor can be a stressful period in someones life, so we aim to make the process as smooth and as quick as possible. SPI offer tracing services on a no find, no fee basis. This enables our clientele to move forward with legal proceedings and debt recovery action without the inconvenience of paying for a trace service where the subject has not been located.

Lending Money in Good Faith

Trace debtor services

When a relationship is at its strongest, money can be passed between a couple with no questions asked or any expectance of it being paid back. However, when someone lends their partner a substantial amount of money in good faith to purchase something expensive (which is more often that not a car or other type of vehicle), if the relationship breaks down there are often problems with recovering the money lent for the purchase. Once the breakup occurs, the owner of the vehicle can quite easily abscond and cut all communication. This now leaves the lender out of pocket usually of very large sums of money and in need of services to trace debtors indebted to him or her. SPI offer cost effective trace debtor services to locate the ex parter and ultimately recover a debts owed.

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Tracing Expectations


We have access to live and constantly updated databases to ensure accurate trace results


We can trace debtors quickly and efficiently 

Cost Effective

Tracing debtors is a cost effective way to start the retrieval of owed debts

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If you are owed money for any reason and you need to know where the debtor is located, get in touch with Sentry Private Investigators Ltd today for a free consultation and a no find, no fee tracing service.

When seeking investigative services, it is essential to ensure that your operation is conducted legally and ethically. ABI and IPI vetted members extinguish any level of doubt a client may be having, as we operate with field experience, GDPR compliance and adherence to strict UK privacy laws. 


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So, if you need a quick, reliable and cost effective trace debtor service in Birmingham, the Midlands, East of England or London, you’ve come to the right place.

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Standards of Our Trace Debtor Services


Our private investigator trace debtor services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts


Our private investigations are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels


The debtor tracing services we provide are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws


A quality service at a cost effective price is what we deliver with both our private investigations and corporate investigations

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