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Personal Injury Fraud Investigation

Private investigator in Leicester

Private Investigation in Leicester

Today we are conducting a private investigation in Leicester on a chap suspected of submitting a fraudulent personal injury claim to his insurer after sustaining multiple injuries following a motorcycle accident back in 2021.

Loss of Earnings Claim

There is no dispute that our subject had the accident and that he did in fact sustain the pretty awful injuries you would expect from a motorcycle accident. The fraudulent personal injury claim lies with that fact that he is claiming to be unfit to return to work and is claiming “loss of earnings”from the insurer which we have reason to believe is a fabrication.

Covert Surveillance Operation

The subject is under surveillance to evidence his levels of mobility and assess whether he is fit to return to work. Once the subject exits his property we will be able to capture the evidence needed covertly to hand over to the client. However, it’s not stopped raining today so we are losing hope of seeing him venture out anywhere…

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