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1 Year On...

Sentry Private Investigators Birmingham

It's been just over 1 year now since Sentry Private Investigators Ltd became incorporated. Like every industry at the moment we have faced uncertainty and some real challenges to keep moving forward. The private investigations industry is a tricky one to master during normal times, let alone after being locked down for two years and then straight into a worsening financial crisis. But, with that being said we are moving in the right direction and slowly growing to where we want to be in years to come.

Association of British Investigators

Prior to incorporating, the managing director was a keen member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI). The reason for this is because the ABI is the most well know and respected association in the UK. The association upholds professional values and standards across the board, and they are an excellent shoulder to lean on for guidance, advise and resources. To that end, SPI now hold full membership with the ABI.

Armed Forces Covenant

The managing director is a former British soldier (2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets/4th Battalion The Rifles). He served on operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as multiple exercises around the world. The leadership skills, disciplines and values are something our managing director will retain for life which is why keeping a foot in the door by signing the Armed Forces Covenant this past year was something important and special to Sentry Private Investigators Ltd. We want to support serving and former military personnel in anyway we can. We offer discounted rates to those seeking the services of a private investigator, and we offer first opportunities for work to those looking for it.

Private Investigations Birmingham

As mentioned, there has been uncertainty across the industry for many but we have been fortunate enough to ride the storm and keep going through it. Our workload has continued and we have been able to continue to provide excellent investigative services to our clients. Covert surveillance, trace searches and background checks are in demand and are likely to always be. We are seeing repeat customers seeking further answers to concerns they are dealing with, and we are happy to do this for them using more and more intuitive methods. As technology advances, so do our methods of investigation. GPS tracking devices and static camera deployments are fast becoming preferred choices for clients as they are reliable, cheap and effective.

Year 2

As we roll into year 2, we expect more of the same. New clients, new equipment and new challenges along the way. Our private investigator Birmingham services are highly professional as standard and we treat every case with the focus it deserves.

Contact Us

For more information on how a private investigation can help you get the answers you need, contact SPI on 01217691626, or email us at


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