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I Spy With My Private Eye

Sentry Private Investigators had a bit of fun a few weeks ago when we engaged with one of the writers over at Bauer Media UK. They were keen to hear some of our stories to which we were more than happy to tell.

Of course we would never disclose names or specific locations to anyone beyond our agency, but we delved deep into what actually happened on a number of some of our most memorable private investigations in Birmingham and further afield. Without giving too much away, we also touched on some of our tactics and how we operate (nothing you can't Google anyway).

A fair few weeks had gone by and to be honest, I completely our article was being published this month. However, something sparked a reminder and the main objective for the day was to get a copy of the September 2023 edition of Thats Life! Crime Scene Magazine. I shot down to Magazine Heaven (probably the best magazine shop in the world) and snapped up a copy. I turned straight to page 16 and there it was, my big head on a two page spread complete with our juicy private investigation stories.

The writer did an excellent job compressing everything. Our telephone call consisted of over an hours worth of me rambling on about all sorts of things, but she somehow managed to fit all the best bits into 2 pages. Thank you Bauer Media UK, it's been a pleasure and a great read.

If you want to be part of our story (not in name of course) here at SPI, get in touch with us for more information on how we can support you with our range of private investigation services.

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