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Infidelity Private Investigation With Technical Drone Surveillance

Private Investigation Warwick

Sentry Private Investigators Ltd recently took part in a multi agency surveillance operation which proved some brazen infidelity activities. The operation was a challenging one due to the lengthy vehicle follow and the requirement for some technical equipment to capture the evidence we needed.

What started as a private investigation in Warwick, the subject of enquiry departed in the morning in her top of the range Porche Cayenne to drop her kids off at school (all fairly normal stuff). She then heads over to a supermarket fuel garage to fill up. This is where alarm bells start ringing because we knew we would likely be in for a long follow. Once she filled up the journey was on, at speed! Our client thought she may be heading to Slough, but we soon realised this wasn't the case. We found ourselves arriving at the edge of a new build estate in Newbury (nearly 80 miles away from Warwick).

Private Investigator

The Pickup

The subject parked her Porche quickly before a BMW X5 arrived on the scene to pick her up. She jumped into the passenger seat and off we went again. This time it was a short vehicle follow to a salon product wholesaler car park. Both the subject and the male she was with remained sat in the vehicle, something didn’t add up. The BMW had blacked out windows so it took some discreet manoeuvring to get a position where we could see what was going on inside the car.

Once we had eyes on we could see the couple laughing and joking, kissing and cuddling. The subject had a look over at the surveillance vehicle but clearly had no idea her every move was being filmed. Once the male had enough of the kissing, he pulled a strip of condoms out of his pocket to show the subject. Whatever was said in the car at this point, we are guessing the subjects response was “Yes”.

Infidelity private investigations

The Business

We were back on the road again for another short journey through an industrial estate and into a secluded rural area. We had to approach with caution at this point as we had no real reason to be in the area. We allowed the X5 to get ahead for a few minutes before we moved in. The driver of the X5 was clearly a bit nervous as he had parked up facing the entry point so he could see anyone coming towards him. As we came in we noticed the drivers seat and front passenger seat was empty of occupants. However, we saw an arm reaching forward quickly to lock the drivers side door before slipping back into the cover of the tinted windows.

We couldn’t hang around this area without compromising the operation so we made the decision to pull out (excuse the pun). We decided the best course of action would be to send in the drone to see what footage we could get. The drone proved invaluable as it captured the pair getting out of the back of the car once business was finished. The male was observed folding the back seats up whilst the subject fixed her hair and make-up.

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The drone also gave us an early warning that they were about to move off again so we could be ready. The X5 was soon on the move again and we followed it into the town centre for a nice afternoon as if nothing had just happened.

Drone surveillance

Lunch Break

The pair must have had a big appetite after their busy morning as they made their way to Nando’s for some lunch. They seemed to enjoy their lunch in each others company, so much so that they had no idea what was going on around them.

Cheating partner private investigations

Home Time

After lunch the subject was dropped off back at her Porche. The male head his separate way and the subject moved back to Warwick, just in time to pick the kids up from school.

This was a challenging task but very rewarding. We practiced textbook surveillance procedures to ensure we remained undetected throughout this lengthy operation. The use of drones and other technical equipment has become routine for private investigators. It gives us the edge to capture crucial evidence where not usually possible.

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