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Surveillance Heat

Private detective Birmingham

Apart from reading this blog post, the quickest way to de-glamourise private investigations is to look at a surveillance operative hidden away in the back of his or her vehicle in the middle of summer. You are likely to come across a sweaty, smelly, dribbling mess of a person thats literally melting away in an oven with wheels.

Temperatures are scorching at the moment and it’s common knowledge that it gets even hotter in a vehicle when the AC isn’t switched on. Our job is to remain covert, so that means keeping the engine switched off with windows up. We stay hidden in the back and we try to make life as comfortable as possible for operations. Surveillance operators often come up with some weird and wonderful ways to do this and sometimes people go to great lengths.

The job is to remain focused on the subject and film when you see him or her. Remaining comfortable is essential, otherwise the operatives focus quickly switches to issues the client does not care about.

Vehicle modifications to keep the power flowing without the engine running is quite common, but it’s a big job with usually a big expense.

I personally have found the (almost)perfect, no faff solution to hot days in the hide. It’s battery powered fan that keeps the air circulating in the car in order to keep things comfortable (just about). It’s not so powerful that it vibrates the car, nor does it blow the internal curtains all over the place. However, it is battery powered so if you get caught out with no additional charging sources, you become a dribbling, sweaty mess within about 30 seconds. This fan, with a big bottle of water (and an equally big wee bottle) are the simple, ideal bits of kit for hot days.

If you need a private investigator Birmingham this summer, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd.

Stay safe investigators, keep hydrated, keep cool!


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