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Association of British Investigators Membership

Private Investigator Birmingham - UK

You have suspicions, our UK private detectives get the evidence.

Welcome to Sentry Private Investigators Ltd

Sentry Private Investigators in Birmingham, UK provide specialist surveillance services including fraud investigations, bug sweeping, insurance claims research, people tracing, cheating partner fact-finding and much more. Our UK private detectives gather factual based evidence to reveal hidden truths for individuals and businesses alike. SPI build cases in a proportionate and cost effective manner by utilising expert techniques suited to those in need of data, proof and answers.

private investigator Birmingham

Private Detective Birmingham

Private detectives in Birmingham are often required because of family or relationship issues, typically for suspected infidelity concerns, hidden cohabitation arrangements, tracing missing people and electronic bug sweeping. No two cases are the same, so SPI offer a wide range of private investigation services which are carefully tailored to meet individual circumstances.

Private Investigators Birmingham

Sentry Private Investigators Ltd offer confidential corporate investigation services to businesses of all sizes in support of executives and HR departments concerned with breaches of employment contract and other serious matters. From fraudulent workplace injury claims, theft, moonlighting and other issues, our corporate investigations are essential in delivering the evidence needed with allegations, and to position stakeholders with an informed stance.

Private investigators Birmingham

Trusted Private Detective Agency in Birmingham 

Ben Jones  Sentry Private Investigators Birmingham

Trust between clients and private investigators in the UK is a key factor which determines whether a client will, or will not proceed with proposed services. This is partly due to the fact that clients will often need to disclose details of their vulnerable or distressing situations. The UK private investigations industry is currently without regulation imposed by any governing body. This alone creates an additional hurdle when building strong levels of trust. This is also why it is essential for those seeking surveillance services to conduct their own research into potential agencies. Unfortunately there are many rogue investigators operating throughout the UK who promise results, charge extortionate rates and fail to deliver before disappearing of the face of the earth. SPI are different. We are realistic and upfront with potential outcomes because we understand the complexities and legal boundaries we are limited to operate within. What we do promise is that we will use every resource available to us including our select network of expert private investigators in the UK who are motivated and willing to  go the extra mile to ensure our best chances of a successful outcome.

Sentry Private Investigators Ltd are vetted and approved service providers with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI), the most well known and trusted associations in the UK. The ABI being the only association recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales. Membership with professional associations in the private investigations industry naturally displays credibility and compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws. SPI uphold the values and standards imposed with associate memberships to ensure legal compliance and a professional approach to investigation processes.

Private Investigators UK - Industry Professional Associations
Association of British Investigators

Association of British Investigators

Sentry Private Investigators in Birmingham are a vetted and approved agency by the Association of British Investigators, the most well known and trusted industry association in the UK. 

private investigator UK

Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Awarded

SPI are proud to have achieved the Bronze Award status under the Armed Forces Covenant in recognition of our ongoing support to serving and veteran members of the British Armed Forces. 

private investigators UK

Institute of Professional Investigators

Our private detectives uphold the integral high standards imposed with full membership of the Institute of Professional Investigators.

UK Professional Investigators Network

UK Private Investigators Network

Our UK network of private investigators which cover Birmingham, The  Midlands and East of England are all trusted members of the UK Professional Investigations Network.

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Private Detectives Birmingham

Private Surveillance in Birmingham UK


Our Birmingham based private investigator services are delivered with integrity and professionalism on all accounts.


Our surveillance services are conducted with robust ethical standards and accountability at all levels.


SPI's private investigation procedures are in compliance with UK privacy and data protection laws.


A quality, tailored service at a cost effective price is what we deliver for all private and corporate investigations.

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