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Surveillance Bible

When we decided to transition from the armed forces to investigations in the private sector, amongst all the other research we conducted about the industry, one of the first things we did was purchase and divulge into "Surveillance Tradecraft" by Peter Jenkins at ISS Training Ltd. We had a some prior knowledge of surveillance due to our military background but not within the private sector. Although we did not attend an ISS training course, nor do we have any affiliation to ISS Training, this bible set us up perfectly for the courses we did attend back in 2013 with The Surveillance Group Ltd.

We recommended 'Surveillance Tradecraft' to any new comers to the industry as it gives a great insight into the job. We have found that like most professions, surveillance operatives develop their own styles and mainly progress in specific areas of the industry by regularly taking on similar types of job day in and day out. But at the end of the day, surveillance is surveillance and this book sets a professional base standard for newcomers and experienced operatives.

The bible covers the following 14 chapters...

1) Covert Surveillance

2) Planning and Preparations

3) Communications

4) Surveillance Equipment

5) Foot Surveillance

6) Mobile Surveillance

7) Progressive Mobile Surveillance

8) Static Surveillance

9) Rural Surveillance

10) Technical Surveillance

11) Surveillance Detection

12) Surveillance Photography

13) Evidence and Law

14) Surveillance Work and Training

As the investigations industry is not regulated by any government body, like many other industries it is littered with cowboys who are untrained, unequipped and ill informed. In this industry, this is especially dangerous for a whole host of reasons as you could find your self in court for all the wrong reasons very quickly. First and foremost, we only recommend investigators with membership of the Association of British Investigators (ABI) who have attended courses with accredited training providers specific to their profession. Just reading 'Surveillance Tradecraft' will not put you in a position to start conducting surveillance operations. Extensive training is whats needed amongst other things, but it will give you an insight into surveillance procedures and the industry as a whole.

Upon writing this blog, 'Surveillance Tradecraft' can be purchased in paperback on Amazon for £75. Click below to purchase a copy.


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