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People Tracing

People tracing, or trace searches are a necessary skill and service private investigators should be able to provide. A trace search can form the basis of a private investigation, or they can quite simply complete one.

Surveillance operations are intelligence led which means private investigators need a range of information before an operation even starts. Amongst other key pieces of information we need, confirmation of a home address (or start point) is essential. It is often the case that the home address is already known, but when it's not a trace search service must be considered. Otherwise, where do we start the surveillance operation?

People tracing can also be the sole reason for wanting to hire a private investigator. Trying to locate old friends, ex partners and even long lost family members are typical reasons for wanting a people tracing service. However, they can also be used to locate debt absconders and other serious matters. There are limitations as to when we can hand over someone's address and other contact details, so it is always best to consult with your private investigator to ensure data protection laws are being complied with.

The general public has access to some data bases such as, but they can often be unreliable and ineffective. Professional private investigators have access to a whole host of data bases that are simply available to the public. We are vetted and approved for access to certain data bases because we make use of them for legitimate purposes. We often speak with clients who have tried a number of searches themselves before giving up and calling us anyway. We see this as a waste of time and money and if they had just called us in the first place, it would have saved them both.

Many private investigators outsource people tracing tasks as it's a specialised service that not everyone in the industry can do. Here at SPI we conduct all of our tracing in house which allows for a quick turnaround on instruction (usually within 24 hours), it simplifies the process for our clients and it keeps costs to a minimum.

To find out more about our people tracing services, drop us an Email at


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