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A Long Wait

Mobile Surveillance

Surveillance Usually when it comes to surveillance involved private investigations, when things get going they get going, quickly! We need to react quickly and be one step ahead of the subject in order for us maintain eyes on and gather the all important video evidence.

Intelligence This particular private investigation that took place in the West Midlands was anything but fast moving… We arrived on the job early doors with very little information to go on. We knew the subject lived in a block of flats, and we had a name and date of birth. We also knew the injuries the claimant was seeking compensation for so we expected to see her making use of crutches.

Getting Started

At just after 09:00, a female (tick) fitting the age (tick) exited the block of flats (tick) with aid of a pair of crutches (tick). This had to be our subject (it was). She walked over to a nearby parked vehicle and got in the back seat. Half an hour later, a male exited the block of flats and got into the drivers seat. There they sat for an additional 45 minutes. When things like this happen, we start to play the guessing game. What are they doing?Are they on to us? Are they keeping an eye out of private investigators? Then out of the blue, they pulled away.

Trip to Supermarket

We followed the subject and the male to a Tesco car park where they remained sat in the vehicle for just over half an hour. The male then get out and entered Tesco whilst the subject remained in the back seat. 20 minutes later the male returned to the vehicle with appeared to be a couple of meal deals. They then sat in the vehicle for another 45 minutes eating their BLT’s.

Back Home Again

Once they finished their sandwiches they finally set off again. They took an extended route back to the flat and parked up in the car park. You guessed it… They sat in the car for nearly an hour before getting out and going inside.

Fabricated Claim

A trip that would usually take 20 minutes took nearly 4 hours on this occasion. Although the claimant states that she needs to use crutches, she also claims she can’t sit down for too long. Well that part of the claim is completely fabricated and all evidenced on film and within our reports.

Part 2 Coming Soon

We are undertaking a 2nd day of surveillance on this one, so we will keep you posted.

Never a Dull Day

Private investigator Birmingham services never see two days the same. We could be bouncing around the country one day on trains and taxis, or we could be keeping a close eye on someone that refuses to get out of the car.

If you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We offer professional investigative services at affordable rates against the market, and we treat every case with the upmost importance that it requires to our clients.


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