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ABI Code Membership

SIA licensing for private investigators has been on the horizon for years now but it appears to have died a death with everything else going on in the U.K.

Whether you agree with licensing or not, as it does not appear to be happening it still leaves the sector unchecked with many rogue operators essentially breaking GDPR laws on a daily basis.

The Association of British Investigators is pushing things forward in the right direction with a plan to further accredit its members who meet the criteria for code membership. This will be granted to current members following GDPR based workshops and ICO backed assessments to ensure personal data is being handled correctly and legally. This plan does not involve licensing and will still not impose government regulation over investigators in the private sector however, it is as close as an industry can get before imposing such measures.

There are many operators within the industry who have little or no knowledge of GDPR which is extremely dangerous in the digital age we live in. If you are seeking the services of a private investigator with little knowledge of how we operate, then chances are you will probably just go with the cheapest one you can find. This is dangerous in itself because you simply should not trust an investigator who is a not member of any professional association. You should be looking to the ABI for investigative services who are leading the way in this industry and any other industry when it comes GDPR compliance. We create a level of trust for our clients, and rightly so as we operate professionally and by the book.

Click below for more details about ABI code membership in Professional Security Magazine Online. It details the proposals as set out by the secretariat, Tony Imossi.


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