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Armed Forces Covenant - Bronze Award

Yet again, our armed forces are displaying acts of heroism and humanitarianism as the UK withdraws from Afghanistan. Regardless of the circumstances and decisions made from above surrounding the way in which we are withdrawing, the armed forces are leading the way in making it happen.

This only strengthens our position on supporting our serving and veteran armed forces as much as we can. We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and pledged to give military personnel priority with regards to work opportunities whether in an employed basis or sub contractual basis. Furthermore, we happily offer 10% discounted rates on all our private investigation services to serving, non serving, and spouses of military personnel.

We are proud to announce that we are now a Bronze Awarded organisation for our continued support to the armed forces.

If you are a serving member, or a veteran to the armed forces and require a private investigator UK, get in touch us. The standards we operate under stem directly from the ethos of the British Army. This means you can count on a professional service much like the nation counts on our professional military.


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