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Bug Sweeping

In today’s market of high tech gadgets, secret recording devices can be purchased for as little as under £10. They can come in all shapes and sizes but more often than not, these devices are tiny and can be hidden virtually any where.

These devices, or bugs as they are commonly known generally record video, audio or log GPS locations which could be very problematic for businesses. For example, If you are holding a confidential meeting with a client in your office and a listening device has been planted above a ceiling tile or in a wall cavity, you or the client will not be aware of this and whatever information is discussed could have a huge impact on your business.

As previously mentioned, bugs can be deployed pretty much anywhere and it is common practice for eavesdroppers to plant bugs in offices, homes, cars, hotel rooms, boats etc and you will need a professional bug sweep to locate the device or devices.

Sentry Private Investigators Ltd offer technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) bug sweeping services by conducting thorough searches of an area and leaving no stone unturned. We operate with cutting edge equipment to locate the signal frequencies from a device. A device can be transmitting through a whole host of frequencies, whether it be WiFi, Bluetooth, VHF, UHF, 3G, 4G, GPS plus many more. Whatever it is, we will locate it. It is also necessary to carry out a fairly intrusive physical search of the property because some devices do not emit any signals and no amount of equipment is better than the human eye.

Once a device is located, it will be photographed as evidence, the device will be stored in an evidence bag and given to the client or responsible authority. A full report of the TSCM will also be provided upon completion of the operation.

Click below to see Canadian firm ‘Santor’ give a quick insight into bug sweeping a vehicle.


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