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Corporate investigator Birmingham

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer support to businesses across the West and East Midlands with effective corporate investigative solutions.

The main focus of our work in this sector generally revolves around employees who (to put it bluntly) are up to no good. Typical examples of these types of investigations are… (click the links for more information).

Sentry Investigations Ltd provide both private and corporate investigative services. Each sector presents different types of investigation for different reasons altogether. Essentially the service we provide on the ground is the same however, there are some fundamental differences in regards to what we can and cannot do when switching between the two. The reason for this is because when it comes to corporate investigations, we must abide by not only privacy and data protection laws (as we do with private investigations), but also employment laws.

When conducting corporate investigations, if a business has a HR department we offer the opportunity of working with them. This is to ensure company policies are being adhered to and that the company representatives are comfortable with the practices we are implementing. This is not always necessary as Sentry Investigations Ltd have knowledge of the employment laws surrounding corporate investigations, and we are confident in the legality of our procedures. In the unlikely event of needing to question a practice prior to implementation, we are full members of the Association of British Investigators which is a fountain of knowledge due to its other professional members. We have this resource on tap should we need to seek advice in one of the ‘grey areas’ of investigation.

Should your business require the services of a corporate investigator, get in touch with us.


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