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SPI have recently got off the ground after having investigated a fairly sensitive infidelity case which brought to light some serious findings.

The data subject in question decided to just up and leave our client one day, leaving her high and dry with lots of unanswered questions spinning around in her head.

Although the client and the data subject were still in minimal contact, lies, deception and vagueness were a part of every conversation they had leaving the client feeling distraught and powerless.

The client decided to conduct some of her own investigative work (and fair play to her!) to regain some power before commencing with divorce proceedings. This also gave us a good head start with our investigation.

Over a 3 day period making best use of GPS tracking devices, static camera and covert camera systems, we were able to monitor our subject getting up to all sorts. We found the subject to not only be involved in a new relationship with another woman, but he was cohabitating at her address. Furthermore, although drug abuse didn’t take place in clear view of our cameras, the whole situation screamed of it. Very unusual movements and behaviours taking place in front of the property at all time’s of night could really only have meant one thing...

We like to think of our investigation as being very successful having answered most our clients questions however, our answers have highlighted just how sad the situation really is. That being said, our client has regained some much needed power for her to move on with her life with the knowledge that she is better off without him.

Good luck to her and anyone else in a similar situation.


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