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Double Life

Cheating partner Birmingham

Without going into specifics of one of our ongoing cases, we just want to highlight how the case has evolved from an initial suspected infidelity accusation to a potential fraud/con artistry accusation and potentially at an international level.

We were asked by our client to figure out what was going with her partner because things weren’t adding up. We quickly found out that the partner was leading a double life with another woman during the day. Not only that, following a background check on the subject, we found the subject had, well, no background... The client was paying vast sums of money each month to promote her business. These sums of money were far beyond the going rate for such work. God only knows where this money was going because not a penny of it was spent on the client.

ThrPugh various enquires, we have also worked out (not proven) that the subjects partner from his other life will have been present at the time of the client and the subject meeting whilst on vacation in Asia.

This leads us to more questions... Is the other woman involved? Does she know about the client? Is she profiting from the subjects large monthly payments?

To be continued I suppose...

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