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Employee Absences

Employee absence investigations Birmingham

When you set out to form and run business you want it to thrive and succeed. There is no easy way of doing this as it takes hard work and determination. There will be many hurdles to clear and it will have its bumps along the way. In order to make most businesses succeed you need a strong team of employees who support the day to day running of the operation. Essentially, all you want from your employees is for them to turn up (on time), do their job to the best of their ability and go home safely.

Most employees do work honestly for their salary, but unfortunately some employees have other ideas…

When interviewing a candidate for a job role that your business has advertised, the candidate will likely dress smart and tell you everything you want to hear (although this is not always the case). The interview will reach its conclusion and you will need to decide who, out of the 5 candidates you interviewed who you want to represent your business. You had 45 minutes to extract as much information out of the candidate as possible to try and establish if that person is trustworthy and is right for the job. Most of the time your gut instinct will be right, but unfortunately sometimes it can be horribly wrong…

We sometimes take on employees who cause problems from the start. Employees can cause all sorts of headaches but none worse than when they are frequently absent. The job they are employed to do needs doing whether he or she is there or not. If he or she is not, then some other poor soul needs to do it. Not only will the absent employee still require paying, but morale will likely drop across the team. This can lead to even more serious problems within the business, but we will leave that for another day.

The usual suspects will usually spring an absence on a Monday morning or Friday morning (can’t imagine why…?). This will leave you with very little time to arrange cover, meaning your business will be on the back foot for the day. You will be given every reason under the sun as to why he or she won’t be in that day but you will know deep down that it is a fabricated reason for absence.

A more serious problem is when employees take time off to go and work elsewhere, or even for your direct competitors! Again, you will still need to pay your employee and they will also be paid from the other side meaning they are getting double pay whilst you are scrambling to get their position covered.

Don’t get us wrong, people do genuinely need the occasional day off for legitimate reasons, whatever that may be. You will know when it’s genuine because your gut will tell you. It’s when your gut is saying “I don’t believe this” is when you know you are being fed a pack of lies.

So, what can you do about it? Firstly you can just let it slide, lose money, drop morale within the team and be a less efficient business. Or, you can deal with it properly by getting the matter investigated. Sentry Investigations Ltd offer discreet surveillance services to professionally evidence employee absence cases which build a picture of what your employees are really getting up to when they say they are at home in bed with the sniffles. Some of the cases we have taken on in the past have really opened the eyes of business owners who had no idea what was really going on behind their backs. Our irrefutable evidence creates meetings without tea and biscuits, but with a difficult line of questioning for the employee. We empower business owners by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions on how to proceed with consistently absent employees.

Sentry Investigations Ltd support businesses across the West and East Midland regions with our corporate investigative services. If you suspect fabricated reasons for employee absence and need to hire a corporate investigator, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd.


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