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Finding Missing People

Finding missing people

Sentry Investigations are suddenly seeing a big increase in demand for trace search enquires to locate missing people. Generally our clients are trying to get in touch with long lost family members and are hoping to reconnect with them after so many years.

Getting in touch with old friends or family has never been so easy as it is today, which is all thanks to the many social media platforms available at our finger tips. However, with privacy concerns now going through the roof, many people are turning their backs on social media or even beefing up their privacy settings to make it near impossible to be found through these channels.

Private investigators will of course search through social media profiles, but there are many other open source registers that we are privy to more so than the average person which provides us with the information we need to locate someone. Not only that, private investigators can gather a whole host of other information such as family connections, previous addresses, birth records, address occupants, name variations, bankruptcy checks plus much more.

You may want to know why someone would want this sort of information and there are plenty of reasons for it. As previously mentioned, you may be looking for a long lost family member or friend. Or worse, you or your business may be indebted to by someone who is avoiding you so naturally you will want to track that person down.

Sentry Investigations offer trace search and background check services which prove time and time again to be highly effective and accurate.

If you are trying to locate someone and you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding areas, get in contact with us and we will start our enquiries.

Please note that under GDPR requirements, we must satisfy a legitimate interest as to why you are trying to locate someone, and a positive trace search may require post trace consent from the data subject prior to the distribution of our findings.

For more information regarding our trace search services please visit us at

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