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Greedy Pig

Birmingham Private Investigator
Personal Injury Fraud

Upon receipt of a clients instructions, we have a good read over the claimants injuries so we have an idea of what to look out for during the surveillance operation. This helps us to get into the best positions in order for us to film specific areas of the subjects body where they claim to be injured, thus allowing medical experts to make accurate assessments on their injuries.

Today’s task involved a claimant who we have in the past found to be quite elusive (we have never actually seen her). The client was really hoping we could even get a glimpse of her today because according to the client, she rejected the first payout offer because she wanted more money. Upon hearing this, we really wanted to get a good result because nobody likes a greedy pig! The claimant alleged that she struggles to walk following an accident which resulted in X2 surgical procedures on her legs.

Well, we did get a glimpse of her today. Not only that, we obtained footage of her traveling half way across the country on a train, she made use of X2 busses, and she walked over 2km with a backpack on wearing low heeled shoes/boots. She was up and down stairs like a yo-yo, and made no attempt to hold onto the provided hand rails. Covid or no Covid, if your legs don’t work, you will need to use the hand rail. The subject didn’t even have a limp! Upon seeing this, we were really determined to get as much footage as possible to really upset her payout, and that we did.

We think it’s safe to say that the claimant will be receiving a far lower offer than the first time around, and rightly so! Don’t tell lies, don’t be greedy and don’t commit fraud.


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