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Investigative Service Locations

Private investigator Birmingham and London

Private investigators, but more specifically surveillance operatives are based all over the U.K (and the world). 99% of the industry is made up of self employed operatives who commute all over the country to conduct operations. Whether it be a insurance fraud task or a matrimonial task, a surveillance operative will put in the miles to take o the job.

We typically have our areas that we cover and generally like to keep our jobs within a reasonable distance to where we are based. However, that’s not to say we travel long distances to complete jobs, we do and quite often.

Sentry Investigations Ltd is based in Central Birmingham. With that being said, we don’t actually operate where we are based. We typically operate across the whole of the West Midlands and beyond.

Although the industry is very busy (at present), private investigative work is not your typical service people often utilise, like a plumber for example. So, we do need to put in some serious mileage when tasks come in. The private investigations industry is also a very small industry. Everyone knows each other and we all have worked with each other at one time or another. As previously mentioned, operatives are spread all across the U.K and it is common practice to reach out the trusted investigators to complete certain operations when and where needed. This is why it’s important for clients to do their homework when making use of the services a private investigator offers. There is a going rate (a fair rate) for surveillance investigations and there is no point paying above this rate because the client is likely to receive the same (or very similar) end product because the same operative local to where the job is will likely take it on whoever the client initially approached is.

As mentioned, we are based in Birmingham and we generally take on clients across the West Midlands. We are now looking to expand and push south by opening a new office in London. London is a big market for investigations and it is a challenge we are ready to take on. A London office will not only mean we will operate in London (and Birmingham). This will open up the whole corridor from Birmingham to London which is a huge area of coverage. Watch this space!


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