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Rural Surveillance

Over the past few days we have undertaken a fairly complex private investigation. A suspected fraudulent claimant was claiming substantial sums of money for injuries she sustained at work involving a horse (further details were not disclosed to us). To evidence the extent of her injuries, X2 days of mobile surveillance were deemed appropriate.

The task was set in a very rural area in the east of England. The property where observations were focused on gave us little comfortable viewing positions which meant we had to observe from tigger positions in the hope that she would drive past us at some point.

Day 1

At around midday on day 1, the subject drove past 1 of the 2 trigger positions. Mobile follow procedures commended and we started gathering evidential film to build against her claim. She was claiming that she could only drive for very short distances, and that her husband did most of the driving. Our imagery proved otherwise… For some reason, she took us on an extended route to fill her car with diesel. She then took a further extended route to get a coffee from a well known coffee establishment. Even now, we don’t know why she went so far out of her way to do these things, but at the time we made the decision to pull off the job incase she was on to us…

Day 2

A prearranged medical appointment in central London was made for the claimant with this private investigation, which just happened to fall on this day. We hit the ground running as she was setting off with her husband just as we were arriving following a 2 hour journey. The Weather was horrendous making it very difficult to maintain speeds and keep eyes on the subject vehicle. We eventually arrived at Ipswich Train Station where we quickly parked up and resumed a foot follow onto the London bound train. We could finally take a breather now we knew she was seated for the next hour or so.

Once we arrived in London the subject and her husband exited the train station and appeared to head to the venue on foot. They then changed their plans and jumped in a taxi… Luckily, we had a 3rd operative on standby at the medical venue ready to film the subject entering for her appointment.

Medicals usually last for about 45 minutes, but on this occasion it went on for 2 hours (lots of coffee for us). When she finally finished up, we filmed her all the way back to Ipswich. We felt their was no real benefit of following her home as it would have only exposed us more very little chance of gaining any more footage of her (especially in the rural area she lived in).

It’s rare for us to hear how effective our footage is against a subjects claim. But, from what we saw throughout the 2 days of surveillance, there didn’t appear to be much wrong with her.

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer all types of private investigations. From surveillance operations to background checks to bug sweeps. If you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham or private investigator UK, contact us to discuss your requirements. We pride our selves on that fact that our services are discreet, professional and affordable.


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