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Matrimonial Investigations Birmingham

Matrimonial Investigations Birmingham

This image may just appear to be three green people with blurred out faces walking across the road. Well, it is. However, there’s more to it…

The female to the front is on a swanky night out and her husband back at home is anxiously waiting for our updates to see whether she is cheating on him with the tall male walking behind her. At this moment, they are walking across the road to a bar where the booze was flowing like a waterfall.

Once the subject (the female) was good and drunk, she fell out of the bar and walked arm in arm with the tall male back to her accommodation a short distance away. For privacy reasons we couldn’t go any further than this but the situation pretty much spoke for itself.

If you require a private investigator Birmingham to professionally evidence suspected infidelity, contact Sentry Private Investigators Ltd today.


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