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Myth Busting

The private investigations industry comes packed with a whole host of myths that we are forever putting to rest for people who at no fault of their own, are none the wiser. We have put together a short list of surveillance based myths and questions we regularly come across to add some knowledge to brains...

Q1 - Is surveillance like the films?

A - It depends what film you are watching. If the film was based around my day today, it would be an 8 hour blockbuster of me hiding in the back of my vehicle desperately hoping for the subject to come outside. Then suddenly in a twist turn of events, a window opened... The end.

Q2 - Do you drive Aston Martins?

A - I wish, although Aston Martins naturally attract attention which defeats the whole point.

Q3 - Have you ever been caught out?

A - Yes, it happens on the rare occasion. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t been doing it long, or is lying.

Q4 - How do you get away with following someone for so long without being caught? Asking a plumber how he or she installs an entire heating system is a similar question. It takes training and knowledge to know how to do a job properly.

Q5 - Is surveillance illegal?

A - No. A surveillance operative may do something during an operation which is illegal (for example, entering someone’s property without permission, which is highly illegal and in no way recommended!!) but surveillance as a whole is completely legal in the U.K as long as laws are complied with.

Q6 - Do you use secret gadgets?

A - Yes, and they are really bloody expensive. Common types of equipment we use are covert video cameras which are usually disguised as regular every day items. GPS vehicle trackers, CSTM bug sweeping devices etc.

Q7 - How do you become a private investigator?

A - There are many ways to become a private investigator and it all depends on the specialism you wish to pursue. But ultimately it all comes down to training and devoting your self to the profession. Many private investigators come from military or police backgrounds but that in no way means it’s a necessity. There are some out there who complete a 5 minute online private investigator course and think they are ready to go. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes years of practice to really perfect the art.

Q8 - Do you jet-set around the world?

A - You certainly can do, however our main focus is purely UK based at present. If you do though, you must familiarise your self with local laws to ensure you remain compliant at all times.

Q9 - Is it a physically demanding job?

A - It can be. Surveillance is more of a mentally demanding job because more often than not you are required to remain focused for long periods with very little happening. However, you could find your self sat in a vehicle for the first half of the day and then at a moments notice running around London jumping in and out of taxis, and on and off buses and trains to keep up with a subject.

Q10 - Who do you work for?

A - I’m not telling you. But private investigators can work for literally anyone. Whether it be a member of the public, a small business, a large business, solicitors, public body’s, priests... The list is endless.

Q11 - Does it involve a lot of travelling around the country?

Yes there is extensive travel involved, keeping your mileage low on your vehicle is not an option.

Q12 - How do you contact a PI? You call 01217691626 or email or visit 😉

Q13 - Do you enjoy being a PI? Very much so. Like any job it is has it’s good days and bad days but who doesn’t want to be a private investigator? There is no other job quite like it.

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