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Positive Trace Search

Private investigator trace searches

We recently received an interesting enquiry to say the least… The client visited a swingers club where he indulged in the activities the venue had to offer. Following his ”activities”, the clients partner and her husband for that evening offered to exchange phone numbers. The client politely declined because, where could things possibly lead to? The client did manage to get their first names and a very clear description of the couple (how could he not?).

A few weeks later, the event was clearly playing the clients mind and regret for not exchanging phone numbers was settling in. He decided to contact a private investigator to track the couple down and rekindle the relationship. This task was going to prove difficult for any investigator as the first names, accents, physical description and the fact that they were married was the only information available. The investigator that the client approached ran a basic search and came up with nothing. The investigator also visited the swingers venue to get some answers which for obvious reasons, he did not get.

The client then approached Sentry Investigations Ltd. We looked at all married couples with the correct first names living in the region we suspected they lived (based on their accents). Through a huge process of elimination we managed to find the couple! We straight away contacted them and asked for their permission to hand over their contact details to the client which they happily agreed to. We hope they are all getting along now as well as they did on the night they met…

It really is amazing what we can find through open source searches along with a good old investigation work.

If you are looking to track someone down for legitimate reasons, get in touch with us today. we go the extra mile for our clients to get the answers they are seeking. For more information regarding our trace searches, visit our trace search page.


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