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Private Investigator Background Searches

Private investigator background checks

As private investigators, we we generally specialise in one or a few different fields of the trade. At Sentry Investigations Ltd we focus covert surveillance operations, as well as desktop enquiries.

Our desktop enquiries range from trace searches to find missing people, to in depth background checks. Typically, we find that our clients have spent hours and hours trawling through Google to find the information they need about someone before giving up and calling us. Any experienced investigator rarely relies on a Google search to find the sort of information needed to complete a background check. We search through a range of data bases which are not necessarily privy to your average Joe. It takes years to become trained and experienced in Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), which is why it is always best to use a private investigator for such tasks.

Don’t get us wrong, Google and the well known social media platforms can give you some good information. But, when you need information such as current and former residencies, associated links in regards to marriages and family members, Wills, business ventures etc, it is a far more effective option to utilise a private investigator.

Background searches provided by Sentry Investigations Ltd prove to be highly effective when investigating someone. They have proven people leading double lives, infidelity, cohabitation plus much more. We pride ourselves on the level of effort and detail we put into our background checks, and we always say to our clients “If there is something to be found, we will find it!”

If you require a background check to be conducted on someone for legitimate reasons, get in touch with us. We compile all of the data and produce a formal report upon completion of our enquiries. All we need from you to get started is a name, it’s as simple as that.

For more information, contact us by email at or phone on 01933778426.


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