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Private Investigator Birmingham

Private investigator Birmingham, Sentry Investigations Ltd

Private Investigator Here at Sentry Investigations Ltd, we specialise in multiples areas private detective work. Over the years we have built up experience and expertise in various fields of investigative service, and we now deliver our services across Birmingham and the further West Midlands region.

Investigative Services

The typical types of private investigation services we offer are as follows…

  • Surveillance

  • Surveillance is generally used to evidence issues such as infidelity, cohabitation, workplace injury claims. This method of evidence gathering is highly effective for tasks like these as the video we produce doesn’t lie.

  • Trace Searches

  • When someone is trying to locate a current or former address of a long lost friend, family member or debtor for example, a trace search is what’s needed. We often surprise ourselves at how accurate these searches are, and how we often find people with such little information to go by.

  • Background Searches

  • Background checks are our most in depth searches data searches. We gather huge amounts of open source data to build pictures of people’s lives.

Visit our Investigative Services page to see our range of private investigator Birmingham services. Or, contact us to discuss your requirements.


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