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Private Investigator for Cheating Partners

Private investigator for cheating partners

Cheating partners go to great lengths to maintain extramarital affairs. However, private investigators like Sentry Private Investigators Ltd also go to great lengths to catch them out. Infidelity simply wrecks relationships, especially when there are children involved. A husband or wife has every right to know if their partner is being unfaithful, and we have to tools and knowhow to evidence it.

Cheating partners mobile phone

Unfaithful Behaviours

There are plenty of signs and behaviours to look out for if you suspect a cheating partner. These signs and behaviours are obviously not going to ultimately prove infidelity (unless he or she slips up), but they will sow seeds in your gut to suspect something unsavoury is going on. In todays world, the most common way cheaters get caught out is by their mobile phones. A faithful partner will be very open with allowing their husband or wife to use their phones, see their phones or go through their phones with a fine tooth comb. An unfaithful partner will be the complete opposite. They will keep their phones on them at all times. You will never see an unfaithful partner leaving their phone on the kitchen side face up, and not locked in a bomb proof safe. An unfaithful partner will change the phones passcode and not allow their husband of wife to be privy to it. An unfaithful partner may also even have a second phone which you are not aware of. If you do become aware of it then there are going to be some serious questions to answer. There are of course plenty of other reasons to suspect a cheating partner, but 9 times out of 10, your gut instinct will make you aware of something.

cheating partner at the gym

Covert Surveillance Birmingham

If you require a private investigator for a cheating partner in Birmingham, look no further. Sentry Investigations Ltd are experts in the field of covert surveillance which is the exact service needed to prove infidelity within a relationship. Our mobile surveillance techniques allow us to tail a cheating partner wherever he or she goes whilst obtaining the crucial video evidence needed to prove or disprove suspicions. Generally, a cheating partner will be our and about with his or her mistress and we will capture everything whilst remaining undetected. We come equipped for every eventuality. For example, a cheating partner may tell his or her husband or wife that he is working late and going for drinks with his colleagues after work. With that intelligence, a covert surveillance operative will dress accordingly to blend in at the bar. However, if the cheating partner actually plans to meet his bit on the side at the gym for a workout, then we will need to change into our pre-packed gym kit. Covert surveillance operates must prepare for all situations as private investigations can, and do lead to some unexpected environments.

Contact a Private Investigator for Cheating Partners

If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful and need the evidence to prove it, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We have the tools, skills and experience to gather the evidence through means of covert mobile surveillance techniques which prove highly effective in confirming suspicions. It is sometimes the case that suspicions have just got the better of someone and there is actually no case of infidelity. We will only give a client the evidence we have seen so if the suspected cheating partner isn't found to be cheating at all, then thats what we will report on. Some may still see this as money well spent. A private investigation can, and does take place just to ease the client mind by proving their partner is being faithful. To find out more visit our infidelity page, or contact us via email at or call us on 01217691626.

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