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Rapid Deployment

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It was a race against the clock a few days ago, when a client contacted Sentry Investigations with intelligence that needed acting upon urgently.

The client explained that his daughters husband was due to leave the family home within the next hour, and was expected to head over to his other lovers house for the night. The subjects cover story was that he was spending the night at his parents house. But, with suspicions already heightened our client knew this not to be the case.

The issue we had was that the closest available operative was just over an hour away from the address. We needed to move fast so it was a matter of jumping behind the wheel and booting it to the suspected lovers property.

On route, we received a message from the client that the subject had just departed from the family home. He was now however expected to actually visit his parents house for a brief period (subject forming an alibi over a cup of tea). This gave us some breathing space but we still needed get there sharpish to be in a suitable position before he showed up.

As we arrived at the property there was a huge sigh of relief because the property was in darkness, and neither the subjects vehicle or the other lovers vehicles were present.

Within 10 minutes of our arrival the subjects lover showed up alone and entered the property. Like clockwork, the subject showed up in his vehicle a few minutes later and let him self in with a key!! How long has this been going on for?

We held our position until the early hours of the morning and closed down the operation once the property lights went out.

We could have proved infidelity just by filming the subjects car being present alongside the other lovers. However, our sense of urgency really did crystallise the operation because we obtained clear footage of the subject and the female both entering the property and remaining inside all evening.

The task wasn’t finished though... We made a second visit the following morning (without the time pressure) just to make sure the subjects vehicle was still parked outside the house of his bit on the side. It was. We then remained in position to film the subject coming away from the property to head home to his waiting wife. This was the final nail in the coffin, and the subject was now bang to rights.

Although we will never know what happens next between the clients daughter and the subject, it would be very interesting to hear the subjects explanation for his actions last night. As much as we like to think this is a great result (which it is for us), the poor clients daughter has just found out that her husband is cheating on her. We don’t wish this upon anybody, but we do wish her all the best in the future.

If you need to prove infidelity and require the assistance of a private investigator, call us today. As seen here, we can deploy an operative within the hour and pull off some remarkable results.


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