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Spark of Interest

Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims

Unique All private investigations come with their own certain interest point. Whether it’s an infidelity investigation or fraudulent personal injury claim, there is always something unique about the specific task. This is what makes being a private investigator Birmingham so enjoyable.

Personal Injury Claim

Very recently, we took on a personal injury case which invoked a male claiming to have been injured at work due to being hit by a forklift. The injuries he was claiming for included lower back pain and pain to both legs preventing him from walking long distances. After his employer reviewed the CCTV around the time of the incident, it became evident the forklift wasn’t even in the area at the time. This raised questions obviously but the subject still pursued the claim.

Surveillance Aware?

From and private investigators point of view, this is a very standard case which requires surveillance to evidence the extent of the subjects injuries. What did spark interest with this case was that the subject had previously served 4 years in prison for other fraudulent claims. This put an edge on the operation because there was a high possibility of the subject being surveillance aware.

Questionable Injuries

We commenced observations as normal. We had a clear camera shot onto the front door and we waited for him to appear. A few hours into the job, the subject exits with a young child and he is seen leaning into his vehicle to secure the child into the back seat. This raises questions about the lower back pain. He wasn’t seen to walk long distances but he was able to move quickly and in no obvious pain/discomfort.

A Job Well Done

The job was wrapped at the end of the day having seen the subject out and about on a few occasions. To our relief, he showed no signs of awareness meaning a good first day result for the client. We are in no doubt further surveillance will be requested and we will be happy to continue with the investigation.

Contact a Private Investigator Birmingham

If you require a private investigator Birmingham for reasons of a fraudulent personal injury claim, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We are experts in the field of investigative services, and we deliver excellent results for our clients, even with the odds stacked against us.

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